How is Your North or Central San Francisco Lawn Looking These Days?

They can lay out a brand new yardAre you happy with the way your lawn looks?

So maybe it isn’t really your fault.

If you recently purchased a new home or you just finished a exterior remodeling project, your front yard could be looking a little sad.

Maybe you bought a home where the former owner did not pay much attention to what his yard looked like.

Regardless of what your particular circumstance is right now, it is easy to get new sod installed at your property in the general Western Addition area. And it can look great right away.

You Could See a Great Looking Lawn By the Weekend

A professional Pacific Heights or Laurel Heights lawn contractor, leading an experienced crew, can get your new lawn put down in almost no time.

And you (and your neighbors) will be pleasantly surprised at the change it makes to the appearance of your house.

They Can Take Care of the Entire Project Near the Western Addition Area

When your new turf is put in, what you need to do is keep it moist for the first few weeks. And, in San Francisco County, that frequently isn’t very hard. Mother Nature traditionally keeps our lawns watered very well. Still, you will likely have to do some watering.

During one of our traditional dry summers, you may have to get outside and water a couple of times each day until your lawn is established.

Do You Want To Install It?

You can do the sod installation yourself if you really want to.

You can order green, healthy North California sod for sale which they deliver right to your driveway.

They bring over your new grass which is neatly stacked and you finish it from there.

Just so you know, laying it down on your yard is harder than it looks. But if you have just a small area to do, or if you and a few friends are up for it, you are welcome to carry out the whole installation.

Your delivery driver will coordinate with you about the time of day they will be dropping off your order. Fresh cut sod is a perishable. Try to be prepared to get started laying it down right after they bring it to you. You don’t want to have your order sitting on your driveway for a week before you get to it.

Sod Prices in Central and North San Francisco – What About the Cost?

Having a top-notch front yard will certainly help your house’s curb appeal and, potentially, the real estate worth of it as well. That’s why realtors and house flippers routinely replace bad yards with new lawns at the properties they are managing.

Installing sod farm grass in a backyard near youPremium quality, locally grown grass sod bundles are not cheap, but they are not over-priced either.

With regards to the price of your project, the big variable in the cost of your sod delivery is the amount of square feet grass you’re going to need. A second factor in your sod installation cost could be be your location. If you live in an unusually hard to get to area, an additional fee to bring it to you might be included.

Your next task is to find out how big your yard is. If you could measure the sections of your yard and come up with a logical estimate of how many square feet you have to cover, you can talk with a Fillmore District or Haight-Ashbury sod company and they will explain to you about how much grass you need to get.

These folks deliver and install all around the city, including the neighborhoods of Western Addition, Lower Haight, Haight-Ashbury, Laurel Heights, Fillmore District, Presidio Heights and Pacific Heights. This also includes the zip codes of 94117, 94115, 94109 and 94102.

Here’s How to Get Started

1. Draw up a sketch of your property and divide it up into easy to measure portions.
2. Head outside and take some measurements of the area of your yard.
3. Call the number today.

You will get all your questions answered.

During your call, they will explain what your final price might be and when they could do your job.

Obtaining a hardy, green front lawn can vastly enhance the appearance of your entire home.

Your whole family will appreciate owning a nice, practicable back lawn which is good for entertaining or having fun. Your kids may even spend some time outdoors. Imagine that.

It all starts with a phone call.



Do You Deliver Near Me?

Turf deliveries occur all over the north and central sides of San Francisco. This includes the Lower Haight, Haight-Ashbury, Laurel Heights, Fillmore District, Presidio Heights, Pacific Heights and the Western Addition neighborhoods, plus the 94117, 94115, 94109 and 94102 zip codes.



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