Does Your West Valley Lawn Need a Little TLC?

This is the landscaper who will set up your new lawnAre you thrilled with the way your front lawn looks?

It could be that you have a new home and haven’t put in a grass lawn yet, or you just got done with a large house remodeling project that ruined your yard.

Or it could be that you just moved to a new place where the preceding owner apparently didn’t care too much about their yard.

But whatever your circumstance is, and no matter how bad your lawn appears now, it can be readily fixed by having some fresh, local sod laid down.

Your West Boise Lawn Can Receive a Transformation

A good lawn contractor in West Valley or West Bench, working with a small yet seasoned team, can transform your house’s curb appeal in just a few days or less. The work can sometimes get done fast. And the difference in your home’s visual appeal can be impressive.

Your Local Contractor Can Deliver and Install It for You

Your company will do the total procedure, from delivery to installation and the pick up afterwards.

They even water your new lawn as soon as they have it put down, but after the initial day, then it is up to you. That is your responsibility. On rainy days, you might not have to water at all; other days you will.

And if you put in grass in late Summer, you will most likely have to water up to numerous times per day. It’s important.

Can I Lay It Down Myself?

If you are up to it and want to save some money, you can put it down by yourself (likely with the help of a buddy or two).

You can find local sod for sale which they drop off at your driveway right after they cut it. They deliver it. And you do it from there.

Putting it down on the dirt isn’t as easy as it sounds. But if you are up to the challenge (and if you have a handful of friends who can help) you are welcome to do it.

It’s important your driver coordinates with you on the time frame when they will drop off your order. Because fresh turf is perishable. You should be ready to begin laying it down on the dirt as soon as they bring it to you. It isn’t best to let it sit in your driveway for a few days before you get to it.

What is the Cost? Sod Prices in West Boise

The primary reason most owners buy sod is it makes their home look good.

A fantastic front lawn really increases your home’s curb appeal. And better curb appeal then leads to a bigger real estate price when you actually sell. All real estate agents and property sellers know this. That’s why lawn makeovers are one of the most popular exterior improvements on the properties they are trying to sell.

Transforming a residential backyard with rolls of green turfThe cost of seeding, delivering and putting down a weed-free lawn is not exactly cheap, but most homeowners do not consider the price to be really high either.

Most property owners acknowledge the cost is fair when they consider the future benefit of owning a good lawn.

When figuring out what new turf will cost, the biggest element in the price of your lawn sod delivery is just the number of square feet of grass you will be buying.

A distant second possible cost factor in your sod installation cost could depend on the area of your property. If you live too far out of the regular delivery area, the transport cost to drop off your order might go up.

If you’re able to measure your yard and come back with a respectable figure of how many square feet the area is you need to cover up, you can then speak with a West Valley area sod company and get your price estimate on how much you need to purchase and how much it will be to deliver it out to your home and then lay it down on the soil. Once in a while, they might manage to actually stop out at your property and do the measuring for you.

They deliver and work with property owners all over West Boise, which includes the West Bench, West Valley and Winstead Park areas, and the 83713 and 83704 zip codes.

The Next Steps to Take

1. Make a basic sketch of your lawn. Divide your big drawing of your yard into segments that are easier to measure.
2. Figure out the dimensions of your yard. Add together the various sums.
3. Dial the number.

They are happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about new turf. They’ll try and answer any question you have.

Even if you can’t quite conclude what your exact yard size is, they will do their best to provide an estimate.

Creating a nice-looking front yard will really increase the curb appeal and appearance of your entire house.

And having an inviting back yard might encourage your family to get out and spend more time in your backyard.

Looking forward to your call.



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Local teams deliver turf to west Boise, Winstead Park, West Bench and the 83704 and 83713 zip code.



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