How Is Your West Long Beach Lawn Looking?

A New Lawn is On Its WaySo, how does your front yard look right now?

It could be it’s not your fault.

Maybe you have a brand new house and you simply haven’t got around to the yard yet.

Perhaps you finished an exterior renovation job and it pretty much messed up your lawn.

It is possible the last owner of your place didn’t worry much about his yard and overlooked it for too long.

His lack of upkeep has left you with a bad yard.

No matter what your yard condition is, it is simple to get locally grown sod put down on your lawn.

And it’s going to help your house look much better in a single day.

You Can Have a Good Looking Yard in Days

A good West Long Beach lawn crew could have all your sod grass all done in a single day.

It’s kind of nice, you just go to work in the morning with a yard you are not very proud of and you arrive home after work to a nice yard.

Let Them Complete the Whole Project

Once your new turf is put down, what you need to do is make sure you keep it moist for the initial two or three weeks.

It’s too bad Mother Nature doesn’t help with keeping our new SoCal lawns damp.

So it will be up to you. You will probably need to do all the watering.

And if you install your grass during one of our classic dry Summer months, you may have to water lightly several times a day.

Keeping your new grass damp is important.

Can I Install It Myself to Save Some Cash?

If you want to save some money, you could do the actual installing yourself.

You can buy healthy, mature sod for sale which they can deliver right to your driveway.

Then you finish it from there.

In case you haven’t done it before, laying it down is harder than it looks.

But if you have just a small spot to do, or if you and your friends are up to it, you are encouraged to carry out the entire installation.

Your driver will work with you about the time of day they will be dropping off your order.

Fresh cut sod is perishable. Try to be ready to get started laying it down right after they bring it to you.

You do not want to have it sit on your driveway for a week before you get to it.

What Will It Cost – The Price of Sod in West Long Beach

When you purchase a new yard, you are exchanging dollars for a good-looking yard.

Having a great front lawn is going to help enhance your home’s curb appeal and (most likely) the real estate value of it as well.

Real estate agents and experienced property sellers routinely invest in new lawns for the properties they are getting ready to sell.

Transforming a homeowner's backyard with new turfFully mature, green, locally harvested grass turf rolls are not very cheap, but they are not too expensive either.

Plus, you receive the benefit of owning a great lawn.

When it comes to what your cost is going to be, the leading component in sod delivery is how many square feet you’re going to order.

An unlikely second price factor in your sod installation cost could be your location. If your house is in an unusual setting, the transportation cost to ship to you might come into play.

Your next move is to learn how big your yard really is.

If you could measure your yard and calculate a close approximation of how many square feet you want to take care of, you can talk with a West Long Beach sod company and they can tell you about how much turf you should purchase.

Contractors operate in each of the nearby neighborhoods: Terminal Island, Port of Long Beach, Lower West Side and the West Side.

What to Do to Get Started

1. Produce a basic sketch of your yard and separate it up into sections that are easy to measure.
2. Go take the measurements of each of the parts of your lawn.
3. Spend a few minutes on the phone.

You may get your questions answered.

They will let you know the cost estimate and help you see what the work schedule looks like and which upcoming week they can get the job started.

Having an enticing front yard will no doubt enhance the curb appeal of your entire house.

And don’t underestimate how a great back lawn will motivate your family and you to devote more time out in your new backyard.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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They bring turf to homes and businesses to the neighborhoods of Terminal Island, Port of Long Beach, Lower West Side and the West Side.

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