Does Your Upland Lawn Need Some Work?

Picture of Landscaping Foreman Who Will Install Your TurfHas your yard looked better? Be honest.

Maybe you have a new house and haven’t put in a grass lawn yet, or you just completed a major home improvement project that ruined your front yard.

Or you may have just moved into a house where the past owner didn’t think too much about what the lawn looked like.

It does not actually make any difference how your yard got to look the way it looks today, because you can get it cured by ordering and putting down local, mature grass sod.

Your lawn is going to go from bad to good in just a matter of days.

You Can Get a Good Looking Yard in One Day

An organized Upland lawn crew might have all your sod all done in less than 24 hours.

Maybe you go off to work in the morning with a bad-looking lawn but see a perfect lawn when you get home after work.

It’s Not Hard – When Someone Else Does All the Work

To get started, all you need to do is get an idea of how much area you want to cover and then call and they do the whole project from there.

They will even water it on that first day.

Once your turf is put down, your job is to keep it properly watered.

And around here, with the constant sun and lack of rain, that can be a challenge.

So you will probably have to do a little watering pretty often.

And if you order grass in a Summer month, you will most likely need to water as much as several times every day. It’s important.

Can I Do the Work Myself?

Yes, you can undertake the sod installation on your own if you want.

They grow mature grass sod for sale and will just bring bring your order to your SoCal property and you take it from there.

However, if you will be doing the sodding job yourself, you should make sure to get around to it as soon as the pallets are dropped off.

Fresh cut turf from sod farms is perishable and it is best to get it down on the ground and watered as quick as you can.

Sod Prices in Upland – What Will It Cost?

A really good-looking front lawn will add to your home’s curb appeal and should increase your home’s real estate worth too.

That is why house flippers and real estate pros request new turf for any property that isn’t looking its best.

Local sod farm grass getting unrolledThe cost of growing, delivering and installing a grass lawn is not exactly cheap, but it really isn’t too expensive either.

Most homeowners think the expense fair when considering the long-term benefits of owning a great green yard.

To get a decent determination on how much it will cost to do your lawn, clearly the biggest factors are merely the quantity of grass you have to order and whether you want to have them do the installation.

If you’re able to walk around your place, take some measurements of your space and put together an estimate of how large your coverage area is, you can talk with a north Ontario sod company and learn how much you will have to get and the total cost for them to haul it to your residence and place it down.

If it works out, they might be able to drive over to your house and finish the measuring for you.

Delivering to all the Inland Empire neighborhoods, including areas north of Ontario and neighborhoods near Highway 210, Upland High School, Upland Hills Country Club, Cable Airport, Mountain Square Shopping Center and Mountain Green Shopping Center.

Start Your Process Here:

1. Make a little sketch of your lawn to help you measure it.
2. Get your dimensions. Do the math.
3. Make one phone call.

They will answer your questions.

Even if you are not very confident in how good your yard measurements are, they can do their best to provide you with a reasonable price quote.

Owning a great-looking front lawn will boost the curb appeal and entire look of your entire SoCal home.

And a welcoming back yard will likely inspire you and your family to go out and spend more time in your backyard having fun outside.

You might as well get started today.



Deliver Turf To My Neighborhood

Delivering to all the Inland Empire neighborhoods, including communities north of Ontario and near Highway 210, Upland High School, Upland Hills Country Club, Cable Airport, Mountain Square Shopping Center and Mountain Green Shopping Center.

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