Does Your Tucson Lawn Need Some Work?

This contractor works on lawns around the local areaHas it looked better than this? Be honest.

It could be that you have a recently constructed house and haven’t gotten to the lawn yet, or you recently finished a big exterior renovation project that messed up your lawn.

Or you might have bought a home where the prior homeowner wasn’t that interested in what his yard looked like.

Regardless of what your situation is, you can get the freshest sod installed at your Arizona house.

It will make your yard look awesome immediately.

You Are Just One Day Away From Getting a Good-Looking Lawn

One of the better Tucson lawn contractors can usually get all your new turf done in a couple of days or so.

The project goes fast.

One day there is a nasty yard and the next week you have a brilliant-looking yard.

They Can Do All the Work

Most property owners have them do the complete project.

They’ll deliver it, lay it down and tidy up afterwards.

But when they leave, it will be up to you to make sure your new grass stays watered.

The weather around here will generally not help you with that too.

If you put in new grass during the Summer, you will have to pay some attention to it, you probably have to lightly water up to a few times a day during the driest periods.

Can I Do the Job By Myself?

Sure, you can complete the turf installation by yourself if you want.

They supply fresh grass sod for sale and will quickly bring your order to your Tucson suburb and you and your friends do the rest.

Note, if you intend on finishing the sodding yourself, be sure to get started as soon as the order is delivered.

Harvested grass from sod farms is perishable and you need to get it placed onto the soil and watered right away.

Sod Prices in Tucson – What is it Going to Cost?

High quality, locally produced grass sod rolls are not cheap, but they aren’t real costly either.

Local farm turf placed on the dirtGrass sod rolls are not considered cheap, yet are not too expensive either.

If you consider how much value a terrific lawn contributes to your property, the overall price of a Pima County grass delivery service is fairly fair.

When it comes to determining what the cost is going to be, clearly the two biggest issues in the final price of a lawn and sod delivery are the quantity of new grass you will be buying and whether or not they will be doing the installing for you.

A sod company is able to tell you a fairly dependable estimate on the phone if you will figure out the size of your yard.

Successfully measuring a yard can be a little complex, just do the best you can.

They will give you a proposal that either includes the installation fee or does not include it, depending on whether or not you wish to do the installing chores.

Delivering all over Pima County and the suburbs, including properties in South Tucson, Las Vistas, Airport Area, Rita Ranch, Drexel Heights, Park Place, Reid Park, Catalina Foothills, the U district, Flowing Wells, Casas Adobes, Oro Valley, Marana and West Tucson.

Steps To Do Now

1. Create a very simple drawing of your property that will help you measure it.
2. Make some measurements of your lawn.
3. Make one phone call.

They’ll answer any question you have.

Even if you aren’t too comfortable in how exact your yard measurement is, they will do their best to deliver a price quote.

Developing a thick, green front lawn can significantly improve the overall look of your entire home.

And owning a nice, inviting backyard will motivate your family to simply go out and spend more time in your back yard.

It all starts with a phone call.


Turf Service Around Your Neighborhood

Delivering and installing all around Pima County and the suburbs, including houses near Las Vistas, South Tucson, Airport Area, Rita Ranch, Reid Park, Drexel Heights, Park Place, Catalina Foothills, the University district, Casas Adobes, Flowing Wells, Oro Valley, Marana and the West Side.

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