How is Your Sunrise Manor Lawn Looking These Days?

This gentleman lays down mature green yardsLet’s face it, how does your front lawn look today?

It could be that you’ve got a newly constructed house and haven’t gotten to your yard yet, or you recently completed a big exterior improvement project that messed up your front yard.

Maybe you have bought a home where the prior owner did not care what his yard looked like.

It does not actually matter how your lawn got to look the way it looks these days, because you can get it cured by ordering and installing established, green grass sod.

Your lawn is going to go from lousy to impressive in just a matter of hours.

Your Yard Can Be Transformed Quickly

A good lawn contractor in Sunrise Manor, working with a small but seasoned team, can change your house’s curb appeal in just a few days or less.

The work can often get completed very quickly.

And the impact on your house’s appearance can be surprising.

Handling the Whole Project

They’ll usually do the complete operation, from delivery to installation and to the cleanup when it’s done.

They even water your new lawn the minute it is put down, but after that first day, then it is up to you.

That will be your job.

On rare rainy days, you may not have to water; most days you will.

And if you put in grass during one of our Nevada Summers, you may have to lightly water as much as several times a day. It’s important.

Can I Install It Myself to Save Some Money?

Sure, you could manage the installation job yourself if you want to.

They have thick, new sod for sale and will truck your order to your house on pallets and you can do the rest.

However, if you intend on laying it all down by yourself (and a few friends), make sure you will be ready to get started as soon as they drop your pallets off.

Fresh cut sod farm grass is perishable and can spoil.

You should not put off getting it installed.

For best results, you should take it off your driveway and lay it down on the ground and properly watered as quick as you can.

What Will It Cost? – Sod Prices in East Las Vegas

A nice front yard seriously adds to the curb appeal of a house.

It also increases your future property sales value as well.

That’s why it’s a favored option of professional home sellers and house-flippers.

Transforming a back yard with new grass rollsLocally grown grass rolls are not exactly cheap, but they are not very pricey either.

When you determine how much value a nice yard contributes to your house, the overall expense of a Sunrise Manor grass delivery service is pretty reasonable.

As you can imagine, the final cost of your project is largely based on the amount of turf you are ordering, and whether their crew or you will be putting it down.

There are other elective costs that might come into play, but it’s mostly the quantity of product you are buying that will determine your cost.

An East Las Vegas sod company is going to give you a fairly reliable estimate on the phone if you will determine the dimensions of your yard.

Accurately measuring your yard can be a little challenging, just try and do the best you can.

They can supply a price estimate that includes the installation charge or does not include it, depending on whether or not you want to do the installing work.

Who works in your area? They work all along the east side such as Orchards, South Christy, State Streets, Hollywood Regional Park, Royal Links Golf Club, Las Vegas High School, Bonanza Nellis Shopping Center, Eldorado High School, Sunrise Vista Golf Course, Nellis Air Force Base and the base of Frenchman Mountain.

The Next Steps to Take

1. Complete a very basic sketch of your yard that will help you measure how big it is.
2. Go get the measurements of each of the parts of your lawn.
3. When you get a couple of minutes – just call.

They’re willing to try to answer any of your questions.

You will find out what the price might be and when they might get the job started.

You’ll be pleased about getting a top-notch front yard.

The curb appeal of your house is really going to go up.

And don’t ignore how a great back lawn may encourage your family to devote more time outside in the back yard.

So grab your tape measure and then call.


Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Deliveries go all over the east side of Las Vegas including Orchards, South Christy, State Streets, Hollywood Regional Park, Royal Links Golf Club, Las Vegas High School, Bonanza Nellis Center, Eldorado High School, Sunrise Vista Golf and Nellis AFB.

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