How Is Your Studio City Lawn Looking?

This man installs mature green yardsLet’s face it, how does your front lawn look these days?

So maybe it is not your fault.

If you just bought a new home or you just finished a exterior home renovation project, your front yard may be looking a little dismal.

Or perhaps you bought a house where the old owner clearly didn’t worry much about what their lawn looked like.

Whatever condition you find yourself in, you can have mature sod grass installed at your Southern California property.

And it will look tremendous right away.

Have Yourself a Good Looking Yard in a Day or So

An experienced Studio City lawn crew could be able to get your sod installed in less than 24 hours.

Maybe you go to work in the morning with a bad-looking yard and see a perfect yard when you come home after work.

They’ll Start and Finish the Whole Process

You simply make a short call, and they do all the work.

Once your new grass is put down, your responsibility is to remember to keep it watered.

In Los Angeles County, Mother Nature will not generally help out with keeping your new yard damp, so you will probably need to do the watering throughout the first two or three weeks.

And if they put down your new grass in the heart of a dry Summer, you simply must water often and keep your yard moist as well as you can.

Are There Installation Options?

If you want to, you have the option of putting down your new grass by yourself or with the help of a few friends.

You can find local sod for sale and delivery. They could just drop it off at your house. It will be freshly cut and neatly stacked in your driveway.

However, if you’re planning on performing the sodding part by yourself, you need to make sure to get right to it as soon as the pallets are delivered.

Fresh sod farm grass is perishable and you should try to move it off your driveway and on the ground and watered as fast as you can.

Sod Prices in the Studio City Area – What Will it Cost Me?

When you purchase sod, you are exchanging money for a nice-looking yard.

Having a nice front lawn will help maximize your house’s curb appeal and (almost certainly) the real estate worth of it as well. Realtors and seasoned house sellers commonly invest in new yards for the properties they are preparing to sell.

Fresh harvested sod farm grass rolls making a big differenceMature California turf rolls are not cheap, but they are not super expensive either. Most folks consider the cost to be reasonable when they see the benefit is a long-term, nice-looking yard.

With regards to the price you will pay, obviously the main element in the cost of sod delivery is how many square feet of grass you need.

A second possible element in your project cost might be the location of your house. If you live way out in the sticks, the transportation fee to deliver to you might come up. Doesn’t usually happen, but it might.

And, of course, if you are planning on installing it, that will drop the price down too.

They can normally be able to give you a reliable estimation on the phone if you could measure the size of your yard and figure out how large your space is.

Measuring your yard might be a bit tricky. Just do your best.

They deliver and work with homeowners all over Studio City, including the Ventura Freeway, Mulholland Drive and Ventura Blvd neighborhoods, including the 91602 and 91604 zip codes.

Things to Do to Get Started

1. Develop a rough sketch of your yard that will help you measure how big it is.
2. Go take all the approximate measurements of it.
3. Make a fast phone call.

Call and they’ll answer any question you have.

Even if you aren’t too hopeful in how accurate your yard measurements are, they will do what they can to provide a price quote.

Having a picture-perfect front lawn will really improve the general look and curb appeal of your entire house.

And as soon as you have a good backyard, it will prompt you and your kids to even spend additional time in the back yard having some fun.



Do You Deliver Turf Near Me?

They bring turf to homes and businesses all around the areas south and west of Burbank.

This includes the Ventura Freeway, Mulholland Drive and Ventura Blvd neighborhoods, along with the 91602 and 91604 zip codes.

Touch to Call!