Does Your South Tempe Lawn Need a Little Work?

Get a Terrific Looking LawnLet’s be honest for a second, how is your lawn looking right now?

It can happen to the best of us.

Some folks may have a new house but they haven’t reached the stage of putting in a new yard yet.

Other homeowners could have just got done with an exterior improvement job that tore up their front lawn.

Maybe you have settled into a home where the original owner clearly did not care about what his lawn looked like.

It doesn’t matter how your lawn got to look like it looks, you can have it remedied almost overnight by ordering and laying down green grass sod.

Your yard will go from bad to great in only a few hours.

Make Your East Valley Yard Look Great

A professional South Tempe lawn contractor, leading a seasoned crew, will get your new turf installed in almost no time.

You (and your neighbors) will be pleasantly surprised at the change it makes in the appearance of your house.

Call and Take care of It

Well, all you have to do is figure out how much area you want to cover and then contact someone and they will do the whole job from there.

They even water your new turf that first day.

Once your new lawn is put down, your job is to keep it damp.

It’s your responsibility to keep it moist for the initial two or three weeks.

So you’ll probably need to do some watering.

If they deliver your new grass in the middle of a dry Arizona Summer, you must water it often and keep it as moist as you can.

I Want to Save Cash By Installing It Myself

If you want to save some cash, you can do the actual installation on your own.

They provide healthy, mature sod for sale that they can bring right to your driveway.

Then you finish it from there.

If you are planning to do the installation labor yourself, it’s best to be sure you are prepared to begin soon after your order is dropped off.

Fresh cut grass from a sod farm is actually perishable. Don’t put off getting it installed.

You should get your new turf off your driveway and down on the earth as quick as you can.

What Is It Going to Cost? – Sod Prices in Tempe AZ

Once it’s in, a new lawn will truly add to your house’s appearance from the street and also maximize your house’s future sales price as well.

That’s why it is a favorite sales tactic of real estate pros and experienced property sellers.

Your landscaping crew unrolling Southwest farm turfIt is not cheap to plant, grow, harvest, ship and put down landscaping grass.

So if you are working on a large lawn, your bottom line price will not be cheap.

On the other hand, most homeowners believe the cost to be sensible when factoring in the big benefits they will receive from having a good lawn.

When it comes to the price of your job, obviously the main factor in the cost of delivery is how many square feet of grass you are going to need.

A second possible factor in your installation cost could be from the location of your house.

If you live in a strange area, the transportation fee to deliver to you might come up. Doesn’t usually happen, but it might.

And, of course, if you’re planning on installing it, that can bring the price down too.

If you can do a decent job of measuring your yard and arriving at a pretty good estimate of how many square feet the area you want to cover is, you can speak with a Tempe sod company and receive a quote.

They should be able to calculate how much turf you need and how many bundles you ought to order.

They can tell you a good estimate on how much it’s going to cost to deliver your new lawn over to your house and put them down on the ground.

In a few instances, they might have the opportunity to actually drive by your home and figure out the measuring by themselves.

Delivering to all the local communities, often near Corona Del Sol High School, the Sports Complex, Costco-Walmart area, Kiwanis Park, the Arizona Aquarium, Marcos De Niza High School or Optimist Park.

Ok, So Where Do I Start?

1. Draw out an elementary sketch of your property. Break up the sections of your yard into smaller pieces.
2. Do your best to measure your property. Add together the various figures.
3. Call and talk.

They are happy to talk to any property owner considering putting in new sod.

They’ll try and answer any question you have.

They can tell you a general period of time as to when they can do your project and what the price should be.

Maintaining a nice-looking front lawn is bound to turn up the curb appeal and appearance of your entire Arizona home or business property.

And don’t underestimate the way a quality back lawn will entice your family and you to spend more time out in the back yard.


Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Delivering to all the communities east of Phoenix, often near Corona Del Sol High School, the Sports Complex, Costco-Walmart area, Kiwanis Park, the Arizona Aquarium, Marcos De Niza High School or Optimist Park.

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