Does Your South Scottsdale Lawn Need a Little Work?

Get a brand new lawn next weekSo, just how good is your lawn looking these days?

Maybe it is not your fault.

It could be that you just built a brand new home but you haven’t gotten your new grass in yet.

Or it might be you just finalized a major exterior home improvement project and it tore up your front lawn.

Or you may have recently moved to a house where the past owner did not think very much about what the lawn looked like.

Regardless of what your situation is, it is simple to have new sod installed at your Arizona home.

It’s going to make your house look great immediately.

Get Yourself a Good Looking Yard in One Day

A local South Scottsdale lawn crew will get all of your sod grass installed in only a matter of hours.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, you go to work in the morning with a not-so-great yard and come home to a super yard.

They Can Do All the Work

Once your new turf is put in, you just need to keep it properly watered for a couple of weeks.

You will probably have to do some watering most days.

And if you install grass during one of our Southwest Summers, you may need to water as many as several times every day. It’s important.

Are There Options?

Sure, you could do the sod installation job yourself if you want to.

They grow new sod for sale and will gladly bring your order to your house on pallets and then you do the rest of the work.

If you are thinking about doing the installation on your own, they can coordinate with you on the time of delivery.

They will deliver your order at your house.

And they will let you know when they’ll be delivering it too, because it’s beneficial you get started with it as soon as they deliver it.

Grass from a sod farm will be perishable, you shouldn’t have it sit around in your driveway for days.

The Price of Sod in South Scottsdale

A great lawn will add to your house’s curb appeal, which increases your home’s prospective real estate value.

That’s why it is a favored trick of experienced home sellers and home flippers.

Fresh-cut sod farm rollsHealthy, weed-free turf rolls are not cheap, but they are not super expensive either.

Most folks consider the cost to be worth it when they know that the benefit is a long-lasting, good-looking yard.

To get a good estimate on how much it will cost to do your lawn, clearly the leading factors are simply the amount of grass you have to order and whether you want to have them do the installation.

A South Scottsdale sod company is able to give you a pretty accurate estimate on the phone if you can figure out the size of your yard.

Accurately measuring a yard can be a little complex, just do your best.

They will give you a price estimate that includes the installation charge or does not include it, depending on whether or not you want to undertake the installment work.

Who works in your community? These crews deliver all over Maricopa County, often to suburbs around the south side of the city, such as near the Desert Botanical Garden, Vista Del Camino Park, Eldorado Park, Coronado High School or Scottsdale Stadium.

Ok, So Where Do I Start?

1. Generate a layout of your yard and divide it up into sections that are easy to measure.
2. Do your best to measure the lengths and widths of those areas.
3. Dial the number.

You can get your questions answered.

In the course of a quick call, they can show you what your cost could be and which days they could start your project.

Getting an appealing front lawn is going to boost the curb appeal of your entire residence.

And developing an inviting backyard will encourage your family to go out and spend more time in your back yard.

So jot down the phone number and get your tape measure. Talk to you soon.


Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Delivery is available all over Maricopa County, often to neighborhoods around the south side of the city, such as near the Desert Botanical Garden, Vista Del Camino Park, Eldorado Park, Coronado High School or Scottsdale Stadium.

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