How Does Your South Columbus Yard Look These Days?

Make Your Front Lawn Look Great AgainLet’s be honest, what’s your front lawn look like nowadays?

Maybe you have a recently built house and have not gotten to your lawn yet, or you recently got done with a big exterior renovation job that got your yard all messed up.

Or perhaps you moved to a property where the past owner did not worry very much about what their yard looked like.

Whatever your situation is, it is easy to get the freshest sod installed at your South Side property.

It’s going to make your home look terrific immediately.

Your Lawn Could Be Transformed in One Day

An experienced lawn crew might have all your sod all done in less than one day.

Maybe you could go to work in the morning while you have a sad-looking lawn and see a perfect yard when you come home from work.

They Deliver and Install in the South Columbus Area

Once your new grass is on your yard, all you need to do is keep it moist for a while.

But in our area, that usually isn’t always a concern.

Mother Nature usually helps us out with the watering, but you will most likely have to do a little bit of it.

If it is a dry July or August when you put your new turf down, you will need to be more mindful of it. Most Summers, we don’t get enough rain, so you will probably have to get your garden hose out several times every day and water a little bit.

Can I Save Some Cash By Doing Some of the Work?

If you are ambitious and want to save some bucks, you can lay it down yourself.

Local sod for sale is trucked over and dropped off in your driveway right after it is cut.

They drop it off and you and your friends take it from there.

Having said that, if you plan on laying it down on your yard by yourself (along with a few friends), be sure you will be ready to get started when they drop the order off.

Fresh harvested grass from a sod farm is perishable and can spoil.

You should not wait on installing it.

For best results, you should take it off your driveway and put it down on the soil and lightly watered as soon as you can.

Sod Prices in South Columbus – What Will Be the Cost?

A beautiful lawn will add to your home’s curb appeal and improve your home’s real estate value as well.

That’s why real estate pros and house flippers routinely purchase new turf for any property that lacks it.

Sod farm turf getting laid in a back yardLocally grown grass turf rolls are not super-cheap, but they are not too pricey either.

When you take into account how much value a great yard adds to your property, the overall cost of a Grove City grass delivery service is pretty realistic.

In terms of what you will shell out, the main factor in the cost of your grass sod delivery is simply the number of square feet of grass you’re going to want. The more you’ll need, the more it will cost.

A second optional price consideration in your installation cost could be where your property is located.

If you live far out of the metro vicinity, the transport cost to deliver to you might go up.

If you’re able to find out the amount of area you want to cover, a sod farm will be ready to provide you a quote right on the phone.

Some people’s yards are simpler to measure than others.

If your lawn is made of a number of odd-shaped portions, it will be harder to measure properly.

But just do the best you can. When you have an approximate square footage estimate, they can give you a quote based around how much you will need and who will be actually doing the work to install it.

They are delivering to and working in the majority of south side neighborhoods including Three Creeks Metro Park, Blacklick Estates, Eastland Mall, Rickenbacker Intl Airport, Far South, South Alum Creek, Obetz, Urbancrest and Grove City.

The Step to Get Started

1. Draw a basic sketch of your yard and separate it into segments that are easier to measure.

2. Go make some basic measurements of it.

3. Make a phone call.

You can get your questions answered.

You will find out exactly what the price is going to be and when they can get the project done.

Owning a thick, healthy front lawn can vastly improve the overall appearance of your entire home.

And developing an inviting back yard can persuade your family to get out and spend more time in your back yard.

Let’s get it started.

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