Sod Installation

Are you interested in having someone deliver and install new grass sod at your home?

They can do that.

In fact, we serve homeowners, sports field owners, golf courses, landscape companies, and anyone else that wants to have a new looking yard fast.

We take our local, mature, weed-free grass, truck it to your property and expertly lay it on your yard. It will quickly grow roots into your soil. As it gets established, the seams will grow together and you’ll have a great, thick grass lawn.

We Install Quickly

For most homes and small businesses, we will deliver and lay down your new lawn in just one day. Because fresh grass is perishable, we show up with a work crew so they can get the new sod off the truck and on to your yard as fast as possible.

We try to use big slabs so that there are fewer seams and we lay it down in a staggered pattern similar to what you would do if you were laying a wood floor.

They can place sod in almost any location, including hills. That is one of the benefits of sod over seeding. It’s very difficult to seed and water on an incline.

What Happens After We Leave?

Once they have your new yard laid, it is your job to keep it watered. They water it while we lay it down, but once we leave, it is your responsibility to keep it watered. We’ll let you know exactly what you need to do.

When Can We Install Sod?

They can lay your new yard almost any time of the year. Spring and Fall are typically the best times for a successful installation, but any month will work as long as they aren’t having an unusual Winter cold spell and the ground is frozen.

July and August are not the best months. Although we have no problem doing the work during the hottest Summer months, the homeowner has to be more attentive with keeping their new lawn watered during the hottest and driest months.

What Do I Do Before You Show Up?

Preparing your soil for a new lawn is important.

Preparation includes removing rocks, grass, weeds or anything else that is already growing there.

Ideally, your soil should be tilled. Compost and any necessary soil amendments should be added and blended in.

This is also the time to have the yard graded properly if it isn’t already.

It should be graded to ensure proper drainage away from your home. This would be a good time to fill in any dips or valleys your yard has.

Your yard should also be graded so the soil is just about one inch lower than any sidewalk or driveway where they meet. Having your new grass at the right level ensures a smooth transition from your lawn to your sidewalk or driveway.

If you’ve ever needed any major landscaping or drainage improvement done, now is the right time to do it.

Can I Install it Myself?

You can choose to do the work yourself if you want. They will drop off your new sod and you can do the work of placing it on your yard.

Your driver will work with you so you know exactly when they will be delivering it to you. You will need to start installing it just as soon as they deliver it. Because grass is perishable, you need to get if off the pallet and on to your yard as quickly as you can.

While we will gladly just deliver your new sod, it is probably better if they do the installation too.

What’s the Next Step?

Your first step should be to measure your yard and see how many square feet of sod you will need.

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