Is Your San Diego Lawn Looking a Little Rough?

This landscaper works all over the metroHas it looked better than this? Be honest.

Maybe your home is still new and you sort of forgot about putting in any effort or money on the yard.

Or it could be that an exterior renovation project wrecked your old yard.

Or maybe you just moved into a place where the original homeowner clearly didn’t care much about what their yard looked like.

Regardless of what your situation is, it is easy to get new sod installed at your house.

It will look good as soon as it is installed.

You Can See a Nice Looking Lawn in One Day

A helpful San Diego lawn crew can probably get all your new sod grass placed down in just a day.

You go off to work in the morning with a somewhat rough lawn, but you get back after work to check out a perfect lawn laying in front of your home.

San Diego Sod Delivery and Installation

They’ll usually do the complete operation, from delivery to installation and the pick up afterwards.

They even water your new California grass as soon as they have it put down, but after the first day, then it is up to you.

That will be your job.

On rare rainy days, you may not have to water at all; most days you will.

However, if you order your new turf during one of our typically dry Summers, you could end up having to lightly water a few times a day. It’s important.

Can I Do Some of the Work Myself?

You can do the installation on your own if you want to.

They provide new sod for sale and they can gladly deliver your order to your property and you can do the rest.

Putting it down on the dirt isn’t quite as easy as it looks.

But if you are up to it (and if you know a few buddies who can help) you are welcome to try it.

They will work with you about the time when they will drop off your order.

Because fresh-cut sod is perishable. It’s best to ready to start putting it down on your yard as soon as they get it to you.

You don’t want to let it sit on your driveway for a few days before you get to it.

What Is It Going to Cost? – Sod Prices in San Diego

A top-quality front lawn will contribute to your home’s curb appeal and increase your property’s possible real estate price as well.

Real estate agents and experienced house flippers know this.

That’s why an improved front yard is viewed as a leading sales tactic of these property sellers to invite more buyer offers and a greater market price.

Transforming a local backyard with mature green turfThe cost of growing, harvesting and putting down a weed-free yard is not super cheap, but most people do not find the price to be really high either.

Most homeowners feel the price is fair when they consider the long-term benefit of owning a good-looking lawn.

When it comes to determining what the price is going to be, certainly the biggest issues in the final price of a sod delivery are the quantity of new grass you are buying and whether or not they will be installing it for you.

They can normally be ready to get you a reliable estimation over the phone if you will measure the size of your yard and add up just how big your yard is.

Determining the size of your yard is usually a little bit challenging. Just do your best.

Deliveries go out to the entire metro area. It starts with downtown, Centre City, The Marina, Harborview, Cortez Hill, Little Italy, East Village, and Gaslamp Quarter.

From there, service is extended to all the suburbs – Black Mountain Ranch, Carmel Valley, College Heights, Clairemont, Balboa Park, El Cajon, La Mesa, Linda Vista, La Jolla, La Presa, Lemon Grove & Spring Valley, Logan Heights, Mission Hills, Mira Mesa, Mission Valley, National City, North Park, Oak Park, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Southeast San Diego, South Park, San Carlos, Serra Mesa, Tierrasanta, and University City.

Here’s How to Get Started

1. Create a little sketch of your lawn. Split your big drawing of your yard into smaller sections.
2. Go out and take measurements of your yard.
3. Make a phone call.

You may get your questions answered.

They will write up a fast price estimate. They will also show you the estimated time for when they might get your job scheduled.

Getting a decent front lawn is going to maximize the curb appeal and look of your entire house.

And don’t overlook how a good back lawn will encourage your family to commit more time out in your new backyard.

So jot down the phone number and get your tape measure. Talk to you soon.



Delivers Turf To Your Neighborhood

Deliveries go out to the entire metro area. It starts with downtown, Centre City, The Marina, Harborview, Cortez Hill, Little Italy, East Village, and Gaslamp Quarter. Service extends to all the suburbs too.

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