Does Your Salt Lake City Lawn Need Some Work?

Picture of Landscaping BossHas your front lawn looked better before? Be honest.

If your lawn doesn’t look so great, nobody is saying it’s your fault.

Perhaps your home is still new and you have been spending your time and effort on making the interior look great.

Or perhaps a recent exterior renovation job damaged it.

Maybe you just settled into a home where the original owner clearly did not worry about what his yard looked like.

Whatever your yard condition is, it is simple to get hardy sod put down on your yard.

And it’s going to help your place look better right away.

You Are Just One Day Away From Having a Good-Looking Lawn

A good Utah lawn crew might have all your sod all done in a single day.

It’s kind of nice, you just go to work in the morning with a lawn you aren’t very pleased with and you come home after work to a nice lawn.

Do All the Work

When the new grass is put down, you will just have to make sure it stays moist for a while.

And, around here, that usually isn’t always a problem.

Mother Nature typically helps out, but you will most likely still need to do some watering in the first two or three weeks of getting your new lawn.

During one of our dry Summer spells, you may have to gently water up to several times each day.

Do You Want To Do the Installing Job?

If you want to save some cash, you can do the actual installation yourself.

This is healthy, mature sod for sale which they can bring right to your driveway.

And you take it from there.

However, if you plan to install it yourself, be sure you will be ready to get moving when they drop your order off.

Natural cut turf from sod farms is perishable. Don’t delay on getting it installed.

You should get your fresh cut grass off the driveway and down on the dirt as soon as you can.

What is the Price of Sod in Salt Lake City?

If you have a fantastic front yard, it is going to help your house’s curb appeal.

Increased curb appeal leads to a higher real estate value as well.

Successful realtors and experienced property flippers understand this too.

That’s why they think about taking on yard makeovers on the properties they are trying to sell.

Local turf creating a facelift for this homeownerIt costs plenty to seed, raise, harvest, deliver and put down a lot of grass.

So if you are getting the entire yard done, the cost might get substantial.

However, because the benefit you obtain is an immediate, good looking lawn, most property owners consider the price tag to be definitely worth it.

With regards to what the end cost is going to be, obviously the chief factor in the price of a lawn sod delivery is the quantity of new grass you are purchasing.

A potential second factor in your sod installation cost could depend on the location of your property.

If you live far in the sticks (and you know who you are), the transportation cost to deliver to you might be included.

If you can walk around your place, take some measurements of your yard and add it up for an estimate of how many square feet your coverage area is, you can speak with a Salt Lake sod company and learn how much you’ll want to order and the cost for them to haul it to your house and lay it down.

If it works out right, they might be able to actually swing by your property and do the measuring for you.

They are working with homeowners all over the metro area including the neighborhoods near South Salt Lake, Sugar House Park, Liberty Park, Capitol Hill, Glendale Rose Park, Hogle Zoo, University district and SLC Airport area.

And all the suburbs (far or near) get served too – Provo or Orem, West Jordan or Sandy, West Valley City, Ogden or Layton as well as the North Salt Lake area.

Get Started Here:

1. Produce a sketch of your yard and divide it into measurable sections.

2. Take some measurements of your yard.

3. Call when you have a minute.

Have questions? They’ll try to answer them.

They will do their best to give you an accurate cost quote. And they’ll also give a projected time to have your job done.

Having a great front lawn will amplify the curb appeal and general appearance of your entire house.

And an inviting back yard will inspire your family to get out and spend more time having fun in your backyard.

Why not make a quick call?

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  • Most of the other suburbs too

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