How is Your Queen Anne Lawn Looking These Days?

This contractor works on lawns around the Westlake areaHas it looked better? Be honest.

If you just had a new house built or you recently finished up some type of exterior house remodeling, your yard could be in line for some needed attention.

Or it could be you recently moved into a previously owned house where the old owner did not pay any attention to his yard.

But no matter what your situation is, and no matter how rough your yard appears right now, it can be easily fixed by having some new grass sod laid down.

Your Yard Can Receive a Make Over

Speak with an experienced Queen Anne lawn service that can deliver and put down weed-free, locally grown grass on your yard. And they can often get the whole job done in a day. New sod can transform the overall appearance of your house fast.

Your Work Crew Can Do the Whole Process

Your company will do the entire operation, from delivery to installation and the cleanup afterwards.

They even water your new lawn as soon as they get it put down, but after that first day, then it’s up to you. That will be your job. On rainy days, you may not have to water at all; other days you will.

If you put down your new lawn in the middle of a dry Seattle Summer, you will need to water often and keep your yard as moist as you can.

You Can Do Some of the Work Yourself if You Want

If you are interested in saving some money by doing some of the work, you can complete the installation on your own.

You can find local grass sod for sale that can be dropped off right at your driveway. And then you and your friends complete the job of laying it down.

If you are planning on doing the installing yourself, they will work with you by letting you know exactly when they’ll be dropping it off, because it’s important you get started working on it right after it’s delivered. Grass from sod farms is perishable, you can’t just let it sit in your driveway for days.

Price of Sod in Queen Anne

Maybe you aren’t interested in selling your house right now, but when the day comes that you are planning on doing it, a good-looking lawn is going to add to your home’s curb appeal. That is why professional home flippers and top realtors routinely replace sod at the properties they are working on.

Transforming a local backyard with rolls of green turfThe cost of growing, delivering and putting down a weed-free yard is not exactly cheap, but most people don’t consider the cost to be really high either. Most property owners believe the cost is fair when they consider the long-term benefit of having a good-looking lawn.

It’s pretty obvious, but the two primary factors that affect your final cost will be how much product you are ordering and whether or not your contractor will be completing the installation. It’s possible there might be some optional cost, but the order quantity and the installation charge are the main factors.

A Queen Anne sod company is able to give you a pretty accurate estimate right on the phone if you are able to determine the size of your yard.

Accurately measuring a yard can be a little tricky, just do your best. They can give you a quote that includes our installation fee or does not include it, based on whether or not you want to do the installing.

Dependable work crews go to all the local neighborhoods such as Lower Queen Anne and Westlake and the 98119 and 98109 zips.

The Next Steps To Take

1) Make a sketch of your yard and divide it up into measurable sections.

2) Measure the areas of each section.

3) Pick up the phone and call.

They are happy to try to answer any of your questions.

During your call, they can let you know what the cost might be and when they are able to do your project.

A great front lawn will improve the curb appeal of your home.

And you and your kids will appreciate a thick grass lawn all around your house. It may even encourage your kids to spend more time out in the backyard.

Hope to hear from you.



Do You Deliver Near Me in Queen Anne Area?

They deliver all over the heart of Seattle including property owners in the lower Queen Anne and Westlake suburbs along with the 98119 and 98109 zipcodes.

If you live near this area, make a short call.





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