Is Your Pico-Robertson Lawn Looking a Bit Rough?

Make That Front Lawn Look Good AgainLet’s be honest, what’s your front lawn looking like these days?

It could be that you have a new house and haven’t gotten to the lawn yet.

Maybe you recently finished a home exterior remodeling project that ruined your yard.

Or you may have moved into a house where the previous owner evidently did not worry too much about what their lawn looked like.

Whatever condition you find yourself in, it is possible to get fresh sod installed at your house.

And it will make your house look better instantly.

You Are Just a Day Away From Getting a Good-Looking Lawn

An organized Los Angeles lawn crew could get your sod grass all done in less than one day.

Maybe you could go off to work in the morning while you have a sad-looking lawn and see a good yard when you arrive home after work.

They Deliver and Install Around Pico – Robertson

Once your new grass is put in, you only need to keep it damp for a couple of weeks.

And, around LA, that is a concern. Mother Nature traditionally won’t help us with that, you will need to do all the watering.

If you install your new turf in the middle of one of our classic hot and dry summers, you will need to go outside and water a few times each day until the grass is established and thriving.

Want To Install it By Yourself?

If you are ambitious and want to reduce your cost, you can lay it down on your own.

Good local sod for sale can be dropped off in your driveway just after it is harvested.

They bring it to you and you and your friends take it from there.

However, if you are doing the sodding on your own, you should make sure to get to it as soon as your order is delivered.

Fresh harvested grass from sod farms is perishable and it is best to get it onto the soil and watered just as quick as you can.

Pico-Robertson Sod Prices – What Will it Cost?

Perhaps you aren’t considering selling your home right now, but when the time arrives when you are planning on doing it, a nice lawn is going to increase your home’s curb appeal.

That is exactly why professional property flippers and popular real estate agents frequently replace turf at the properties they are trying to sell.

Mature grass rolls getting unrolled in a SoCal yardMature, thick California grass rolls will not be very cheap, yet they are not that overpriced either.

Most property owners look at the expense to be reasonable when they consider the benefits of having a long-lasting, nice looking lawn.

It’s usually pretty apparent, but the two prime elements that affect your final cost will be the amount of product you are requesting and whether or not your contractor will be carrying out the installation.

It’s possible there could be some supplemental charge, but the order amount and the installation expense are the main factors.

Your next task is to learn how big your yard really is.

If you could measure the sections of your yard and come up with a decent approximation of how many square feet you want to include, you can speak with a Beverlywood sod company and they will tell you how much turf you should order.

Delivery is available all over central Los Angeles, including homes in the Pico – Robertson and Beverlywood areas, plus the 90211 and 90035 zip codes.

What Should I Do To Begin?

1. Draw out a basic sketch of your property. Group the sections of your yard into easy to measure sections.
2. Take the rough measurements of each of the various areas of your yard.
3. Make a fast phone call.

Then you can get all your concerns answered.

During your call, they will tell you what the cost might be and what time they are able to start your project.

When you have a top-notch front lawn again, it will really improve your home’s curb appeal.

And everyone in your family will welcome having a healthy grass lawn.

It could even help you get the kids to spend a little more time outside.

Jot down the number and grab your tape measure.



Do You Deliver Turf To My LA Neighborhood?

They bring turf to homes and businesses around Pico – Robertson and Beverlywood areas, along with the 90211 and 90035 zips.

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