Is Your Pasadena Lawn Looking a Little Rough?

A Terrific Looking Yard is On Its WaySo, just how does your yard look these days?

It could be it’s not necessarily your fault.

Maybe you have a new home and you simply haven’t gotten to the yard yet.

Maybe you just finished an exterior remodeling project and it sort of ruined your yard.

Or maybe you just purchased a home where the preceding homeowner wasn’t interested in having a nice yard.

It doesn’t matter how your lawn got to look like it looks, you can have it corrected almost overnight by ordering and putting down green grass sod.

Your yard will change from bad to great in just a matter of hours.

Get a Good Looking Lawn Overnight

A local Pasadena lawn crew can probably get all your new sod placed down in just one day.

You head off to your job in the morning with a pretty bad lawn, but you get back from work to see a perfect lawn sitting in front of your home.

It’s Not Hard – When Someone Else Does the Work

As soon as your new grass is in, you just have to make sure to keep it watered.

And, in Los Angeles, homeowners wanting to keep their lawns damp won’t get much help from Mother Nature.

You will most likely need to do regular watering during the first two or three weeks.

During our dry summers, you might have to gently water up to several times a day.

Can I Do Most of the Work Myself?

If you are serious and want to save some bucks, you can lay it down by yourself. Thick and healthy local sod for sale is dropped off at your driveway soon after they cut it.

They drop it off and you and your friends take over from there.

However, if you are considering doing the sodding part yourself, you should make sure to get to it as soon as your pallets are delivered.

Fresh sod farm grass is perishable and you have to move it off your driveway and onto the ground and watered as quick as you can.

What Will It Cost – The Price of Sod in Pasadena

A lovely yard will contribute to your home’s curb appeal and increase your home’s real estate value too.

That’s why real estate professionals and property flippers automatically purchase new turf for any property that lacks it.

SoCal sod farm grass getting placed in a backyardThe expense of growing, delivering and installing a grass lawn is not exactly cheap, but it really isn’t prohibitive either. Most property owners think the cost is more than fair when compared to the long-term benefits of owning a great green lawn.

There are two significant elements when it comes to the determination of what your project will cost. These pair of factors are pretty obvious.

The first is the amount of grass you are ordering and the second is whether you or the sod company will be working on the installation.

If you can do a decent job of measuring your yard and arriving at a pretty good determination of how big the area you need to work on is, you can speak to our Pasadena sod company and receive a quote.

They should be in a position to estimate how much turf you need and how many bundles you ought to request.

They will tell you a reliable estimate on how much it will cost to truck your new grass out to your house and put it down. In a few cases, someone may be able to actually drive by your home and do the measurements by themselves.

They deliver to all the Pasadena neighborhoods, including downtown Pasadena, San Marino, Hastings Ranch, South Pasadena, East Pasadena, Lamanda Park, Mid Central, South Arroyo, North Arroyo and the 91103, 91104, 91106, 91101 and 91105 zip codes.

The neighboring communities of West Covina, Baldwin Park, El Monte, Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel, Alhambra, Azusa, Arcadia and Altadena are also in the service area.

Things to Get Started

1. Draw out a layout of your yard and divide it into segments that are easier to measure.
2. Head out and try to measure each section.
3. Make a fast phone call.

They’re ready to try to answer any of your questions.

You’ll find out what the total cost is going to be and which they think they can get it done.

Developing a nice, green front lawn will really improve the look and curb appeal of your entire property.

You and your children will appreciate a thick grass lawn all around your house.

It may even inspire your kids to invest more time outdoors.

So jot down the phone number and get your tape measure.



Do You Deliver Turf Near Me?

They bring turf to homes and businesses all around the metro area, such as downtown Pasadena, San Marino, Hastings Ranch, Lamanda Park, South Pasadena, East Pasadena, Mid Central, South Arroyo, North Arroyo and the 91103, 91104, 91106, 91101 and 91105 zip codes.

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