Is Your Otay Mesa West Lawn Looking a Little Rough?

Drawing of a man who will bring your new lawnSo, has your front lawn seen better times?

Maybe you have a newly built house and haven’t gotten to your lawn yet, or you just finished a major exterior improvement project that messed up your lawn.

Or maybe you purchased a house where the previous homeowner wasn’t so interested in what his yard looked like.

No matter how your lawn got to look the way it looks, you can have it changed almost overnight by ordering and putting down local grass sod.

Your lawn will change from bad to terrific in only a few hours.

You Could Get a Nice Looking Lawn in a Day

A good Chula Vista lawn contractor, working with an experienced work crew, can do a makeover at your property in almost no time.

It’s pretty amazing how fast the work gets done and what a serious difference it makes on the appearance of your property.

They Can Handle the Entire Project

Once your new turf is down, you will just have to keep it moist for a while.

And in this area, that can be a problem.

Mother Nature generally doesn’t help much with that, so you will likely need to do most of the watering during the first two or three weeks of getting your new lawn.

During one of our dry Summer seasons, you may have to gently water several times a day.

Can I Just Order the Grass and Lay it Down Myself?

If you are ambitious and want to save some bucks, you can place it down by yourself (most likely with the help of a friend or two).

They deliver local sod for sale which they leave at your driveway soon after they harvest it.

They bring it over. You take it from there.

If you are managing the installation stage yourself, they will assist you by letting you know exactly when they’ll be dropping your order off, because it’s key you get started working on it right after they deliver it.

Turf farm grass is perishable, don’t let it sit in your driveway for days.

Talking Cost – The Price of Sod in Chula Vista

A really pleasant lawn will add to your property’s curb appeal and could improve your house’s real estate price as well.

That’s why property flippers and real estate professionals order new turf for their property which isn’t looking its best.

Mature turf coming off the palletPremium quality, California grass sod rolls are not cheap, yet they are not too expensive either.

A California grass delivery service is actually pretty reasonable.

When considering what your cost will be, the leading factor in lawn sod delivery is the number of square feet of new grass you will order.

If you’re able to take some realistic measurements of your yard and end up with a good estimate of how much soil you want to cover up, you can talk to a Chula Vista sod company and they can give you details on how much you ought to buy.

They will provide a figure on how much it will cost to truck your purchase out to your property and do the installation.

In a couple of cases, they might be able to drive to your home and complete the measuring for you.

Delivery and installation all over San Diego County and the suburbs is available, including properties in the southwest part of Chula Vista near Southwest High School, San Isidro, Montgomery High School, Otay Valley Park and Otay Mesa West.

Here Is Where to Start

1. Come up with a simple sketch of your lawn that will help you measure how big it is.
2. Measure the lengths and widths of those areas.
3. Call the number below.

They’ll look at all the options.

Even if you are not confident about what your actual yard size is, they will do their best to provide you a decent cost quote.

Having a pleasant front yard will upgrade the curb appeal and visual appeal of your entire home.

You and your children will welcome a thick grass lawn all around your house.

It might even motivate your kids to spend more time outside.



Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Delivery and installation all over San Diego County is available, including properties in the southwestern part of Chula Vista near Southwest High School, San Isidro, Montgomery High School, Otay Valley Park and Otay Mesa West.

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