Does Your Orem or Provo Lawn Need Some Work?

Your Backyard is Going to Look GreatSo, how is your lawn looking these days?

It could be that you have a new home and haven’t put in a lawn yet.

Perhaps you recently got done with a home exterior remodeling project that damaged your yard.

Or maybe you live in a previously owned house where the previous homeowner obviously didn’t worry a lot about what the yard looked like.

No matter what your yard situation is at the moment, you can get new, hardy sod put in at your Utah property.

And your yard can look outstanding in only a little time.

Your Lehi Yard Can Get a Facelift

An experienced Provo lawn crew can put hardy, mature grass installed on your yard in often just one day.

Brand new sod will dramatically transform how your property looks. And fast.

They’ll Start and Finish the Whole Project

Once your new turf is in, you just have to remember to keep it watered.

And keeping your lawn damp generally isn’t always a problem.

Mother Nature sometimes helps with this, but you will most likely still need to do a little watering in the first two or three weeks.

If they work on your new grass during one of our typically dry Summer stretches, you will need to go out and water a few times every day until your grass is established and growing.

Want to Take On Some of the Work Yourself?

You have the choice of laying your new grass by yourself it you want to.

They deliver local sod for sale that they drop off at your driveway. It will be freshly cut and stacked on pallets.

Remember, if you are going to handle the work yourself, make sure to get started as soon as they drop your order off.

Fresh cut grass from sod farms is actually perishable. You shouldn’t put it off.

You should get it placed on the soil and watered as soon as you can.

Sod Prices in Orem – What Is It Likely to Cost?

Perhaps you aren’t considering selling your home right now, but when the day comes when you are thinking about selling, a good-looking lawn is going to add to your house’s curb appeal.

That is why experienced home sellers and top real estate agents routinely replace sod at the properties they are trying to sell.

Installing sod farm grass on a nice dayHigh quality, locally produced turf rolls are not cheap, but they are not super expensive either.

When it comes to figuring out what the cost is going to be, clearly the two leading issues in the final price of a lawn and sod delivery are the quantity of new grass you will be ordering and whether or not they will be doing the installing for you.

A sod company near Lehi can give you a solid idea of what your project will set you back if you can piece together a decent estimate of how many square feet your yard is.

If you can take some time and calculate the size of your lawn, they will tell you what the cost would be.

Measuring a yard which has a handful of oddly shaped sections can be a challenge, just do the best you can.

They are working in all of the neighborhoods south of SLC. That includes Mapleton, Provo Airport, BYU District, Spanish Fork, Springville, Lindon, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, Lehi, Orem and Provo.

Your Next Steps To Take

1. Draw an elementary sketch of your property. Group the drawing into smaller portions.

2. Get all the measurements of your yard.

3. Make a fast phone call.

They are always ready to answer any question a homeowner has.

They appreciate your phone call.

They will do what they can to explain what it will cost and when they can plan on getting it started.

Look, getting a great front lawn will totally boost the appearance and curb appeal of your entire property.

And your whole family should appreciate owning a pleasant, useful back yard for entertaining and enjoying yourselves.

You and your kids might actually enjoy more time outside.

You might as well get started today.

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