How Is Your Oceanview Lawn Looking These Days?

Call this contractor to have your yard looking fineLet’s be truthful for just a second. Has your lawn looked better?

If your yard doesn’t look so great, no one is saying it’s your fault.

Maybe your home is still new and you have been putting your time and energy on making the interior look good. Or it’s possible a recent exterior renovation job ruined it.

Or maybe you moved to a house where the old owner plainly didn’t worry much about what their yard looked like.

Yet no matter what your circumstance is, and no matter how poor your lawn appears today, it could be easily corrected by having fresh, local grass sod laid down.

Your Lawn Can Get a Facelift

A friendly Southwest San Francisco lawn crew will arrange to get your sod grass installed often in just a few hours.

Don’t worry about it, you go to work in the morning owning a dismal yard and arrive home after work to one that looks great.

They Can Do the Entire Project For You

They generally do the entire process, from delivery to laying it down and then cleaning up when they’re done.

They even do the watering that initial day. But after that day, the watering duty is on you. Here in the Bay Area, Mother Nature will frequently deal with some of the watering, but it’s essential you make sure to do it each and every day.

During one of our dry Summers, you could have to gently water up to several times a day.

Want To Install the Grass Yourself?

You can do your sod installing by yourself you want.

They offer new turf sod for sale which they deliver straight to your driveway.

Your new grass is placed on pallets and you can finish the rest of the process.

If you will be doing the sodding on your own time, just make sure to do it right after your pallets are delivered.

Harvested turf from a sod farm is perishable and you need to get it onto the soil and watered as quick as possible.

Price of Sod in the Oceanview & Outer Mission Area

Good quality, locally harvested grass sod rolls aren’t inexpensive, but they aren’t too costly either.

Your yard team unrolling nice weed-free sod farm turfIt is not cheap to seed, grow, cut, deliver and install landscaping grass. So if you are working on a big yard, your bottom line price will not be cheap. However, most property owners value the cost to be realistic when factoring in the big benefit they will receive from it.

It’s pretty obvious, but the two primary aspects that affect your final cost will be the amount of product you are ordering and whether or not you will be doing the installation. It’s possible there might be some additional charge, but the order amount and the installation fee are the main factors.

A southwest San Francisco sod company can tell you a fairly accurate price figure over the phone if you can figure out how to come up with a workable estimate of the size of your yard.

Successfully determining the size of a yard may be somewhat hard, but just do your best. You can get a quote based on whether the delivery crew will be putting it down at your property or whether you will be doing the installation job.

Crews work in most south and east San Francisco neighborhoods such as Ocean View, Lakeshore, Crocker Amazon, Outer Mission and the 94122 zip.

Ready to Start?

1. Make a basic drawing of your property that will help you measure it.
2. Make some measurements of your property.
3. Call when you get a few minutes.

You will get all your questions answered.

They can give you a broad time period for which days they can complete your project and what the expense will be.

Maintaining a great front lawn can boost the curb appeal and look and feel of your entire northern California house.

And everyone in the family will welcome having a healthy grass lawn. It could even help to get your kids to spend a little more time outside.



Do You Deliver Turf Near Me?

Turf deliveries occur all over southwest San Francisco. This includes the areas of Oceanview, Lakeshore, Crocker Amazon and Outer Mission, plus the 94112 zip code.



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