How Does Your St. Charles County Yard Look These Days?

This is the contractor who will set up your new lawnAre you happy with the way your yard looks?

So, perhaps you have a new house and you just haven’t put in a lawn yet, or you just finished a key home renovation project that beat up your front lawn.

Or perhaps you just moved to a house where the last owner didn’t think very much about what the yard looked like.

Maybe it actually doesn’t matter just what the reasons are.

If your yard looks lousy and it bothers you, it can be remedied pretty fast.

Laying down hardy sod can provide you with a fine new lawn in a really short time.

Be One of Those Guys With a Nice Yard

These are experienced Northwest St. Louis lawn contractors who can fix your yard problem quick.

Your property could look a little rough before they get their work started, but it will look great when they are finished.

They Can Do the Whole Process in Places Like St. Peters

Once your new grass is put down, you just need to keep it properly watered for a couple of weeks.

Mother Nature sometimes likes to help with that, but you will likely need to do a little watering.

And if they deliver your grass during one of our traditional dry summers, you could end up lightly watering several times a day.

Can I Install It Myself to Save Some Money?

You can handle the whole sod installation by yourself if you want to do it.

They have got robust, freshly cut grass sod for sale which they can deliver right to your driveway.

Your future lawn arrives on the day you want it and you will do the rest.

It’s not the easiest work to do, but you can do it if you want to.

If you’ve decided on finishing the installing work yourself, know that you should get started on it as soon as they bring you your delivery.

Harvested sod farm grass is perishable.

For best results, you should start laying it down on the same day it gets dropped off.

Sod Prices in O’Fallon Area – What Will It Cost?

A good-looking lawn will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your house.

And it should raise your property’s future real estate value too.

That’s why front lawns are considered a priority of professional house sellers and home flippers.

Fresh harvested sod farm grass rollsHealthy, weed-free grass rolls aren’t cheap, but they are not too expensive either.

Most folks consider the cost to be worth it when they know the benefit is a long-lasting, nice-looking yard.

With regards to the price you will pay, certainly the biggest element in the cost of lawn sod delivery is how many feet of grass you are going to need.

A second possible element in your project cost might be the location of your property.

If you live way out in the sticks, the fee to deliver to you might come into play.

Doesn’t usually happen, but it might.

And, of course, if you’re planning on installing it, that will bring the price down too.

If you’re able to correctly measure your lawn and arrive at a solid estimate of how big your space is, a St. Charles County sod company can let you have some guidelines of how many pallets you need to get and then how much they will charge to bring it to your property and place it down.

In a few instances, they may have the opportunity to come by your house and do the measurements for you.

They deliver in all the far northwest metro communities, including Weldon Spring, St. Charles, St. Peters and O’ Fallon.

The Next Step To Take

1. Draw a sketch of your yard. Separate your big drawing of your property down into segments that are easier to measure.

2. Try to measure your property. Tally up the various figures.

3. Grab the phone and call. It’s easy.

You’re going to get all your questions answered.

They will do their best to show you how much it will cost and when they can plan to get it started.

Look, getting a thick and green front yard will completely refine the appearance and curb appeal of your entire home.

And experiencing an inviting back yard will motivate your family to go out and spend more time in your back yard.

Copy down the number and get a tape measure.

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