Does Your Montecito Heights Lawn Need Some Work?

This is Your Brand new Turf Grass ContractorLet’s be truthful for a second, how is your lawn looking right now?

It could be you have a new home and haven’t gotten to the lawn yet.

Perhaps you recently finished a home exterior remodeling project that wrecked your front lawn.

Or it could be you recently moved into a previously owned house where the old owner failed to pay much attention to the lawn.

No matter what your yard condition is today, you can get new, hardy sod installed at your LA property.

Your yard can look great in just a short amount of time.

One Day Away From Getting a Good-Looking Lawn

Speak with an experienced Montecito Heights lawn service that will deliver and install weed-free, locally grown turf on your yard.

And your work crew can frequently get the complete job done in just a day or so.

Brand new sod can change the over-all curb appeal of your house fast.

It’s Not Hard – When Someone Else Does the Work

Once your new grass is on your yard, all you must do is keep it watered for a while.

And in our area of SoCal, Mother Nature generally does not help us out much with keeping the lawn damp, so you will probably have to do all the watering.

During a typical dry summer, you will have to water up to several times a day.

Can I Do Some of the Work Myself?

Yes, you can do the entire sod installation job yourself if you really want to.

Your local growers have thick, new sod for sale and your crew will haul your order to your place and you can complete the rest of the work.

Laying it down throughout your yard is not the hardest home improvement job there is, but, like a lot of other things in life, it is more demanding than it looks.

If you have laid turf down before, or if your friends who will be helping you have done it before, you might be a good prospect for doing it yourself.

If you haven’t done it before, just realize that it looks a bit easier than it is.

One detail to remember is newly cut turf is perishable.

After they drop it off at your house, you should get working on it right away.

You do not want to have it sit in your driveway for a week before you get working to laying it down.

Sod Prices in Montecito Heights – What Will Be the Cost?

A beautiful yard will contribute to your home’s curb appeal and increase your property’s real estate potential too.

That’s why real estate experts and house flippers automatically purchase new turf for any property that lacks it.

Local turf rolls generating a facelift for this homeownerIt costs a reasonable amount to seed, raise, harvest, deliver and put down a lot of grass.

So if you are getting your entire yard worked on, the cost will be substantial.

However, because the benefit you get is an immediate, pleasant lawn, most homeowners believe the cost to be worth it.

When it comes to figuring out what the cost will be, obviously the biggest factors in the final price of a sod delivery are the amount of new grass you are ordering and whether or not your contractor will be installing it for you.

As long as you can measure your yard and generate a respectable estimation of how much space you need to do, you can speak with a Montecito Heights sod company and they will send you a quote of how big your order has to be and the amount they will charge to haul it around to your property and then get it down on the ground and watered.

A sensible way to calculate how many square feet you’ll need is to first make a rough drawing of your yard. In some cases, they might find a way to come out to your house and do the measurements for you.

Lawns are worked on all over Los Angeles, including Montecito Heights, Lincoln Heights, Lincoln Park, Durant, El Sereno and the 90032 and 90031 zip codes.

Steps To Do Now

1. Draw up a sketch of your property and split it up into smaller sized portions.
2. Do your best at taking some measurements of the parts of your yard you want fixed.
3. Dial the number.

They’ll explain all your options.

They can show you a predicted time frame for which days they can complete your project and what the cost should be.

Maintaining a sweet front lawn will improve the curb appeal and appearance of your entire SoCal home or business property.

Plus, getting an enticing back yard is going to help you do more out in your backyard too.

A pleasant back lawn might get your family and you to spend more time outside too. That’s a cool bonus.

Let’s get started.



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They bring turf to homes and businesses around Montecito Heights, Lincoln Heights, Lincoln Park, Durant, El Sereno and the 90032 and 90031 zips.

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