Is Your Louisville Lawn Looking Kind of Rough?

This licensed contractor delivers your new lawnOkay, what is your lawn looking like these days?

Maybe you have a new house and you haven’t gotten around to putting in a yard yet.

It’s possible you just concluded an exterior remodeling job that essentially ruined your front yard.

Maybe you just purchased a house where the prior owner did not care much about what his yard looked like.

Whatever position you find yourself in, you can easily get new sod put in at your house.

It’s going to make your house look better right away.

They Can Transform Your Lawn Fast

One of the better Louisville lawn contractors can usually have your new turf installed in a single day.

The transformation is fast.

One day you’ve got a rough lawn and the next day you have a thick green lawn.

How Do I Get Sod Installed?

Once your new turf is put down, all you have to do is make sure you keep it moist for the initial two or three weeks.

And, in Kentucky, that typically isn’t too challenging.

Mother Nature does help out with keeping our lawns watered pretty well.

Still, you’ll probably need to do a little regular watering.

If you lay down your new grass in the middle of a dry Summer, you have got to water often and keep your yard moist as much as you can.

Could I Do Some of the Job Myself?

If you are ambitious and want to save some cash, you can lay it down on your own.

This hardy local sod for sale is dropped off in your driveway soon after it is harvested.

They’ll bring it to you and you and your friends take it from there.

Just so you know, laying it down is harder than it looks.

But if you have just a small spot to do, or if you and a few friends are up to it, you are encouraged to carry out the entire installation part.

They will coordinate with you regarding the time of day they will be dropping off your order.

Freshly cut cut turf is perishable. You should be all set to get started putting it down soon after they bring it to your property.

You don’t want to have your order sitting in your driveway for a couple of days before you get around to it.

Let’s Talk Cost – The Price of Sod in Louisville

When you buy a new lawn, you are exchanging dollars for a good-looking yard.

Having a nice front yard will help enhance your house’s curb appeal and (almost certainly) the real estate value of it as well.

Real estate professionals and seasoned property sellers routinely invest in new turf for the properties they are hoping to sell.

Local turf rolls generating a faceliftIt costs a reasonable amount to plant, raise, harvest, deliver and lay down a lot of grass.

If you are getting the entire yard worked on, the cost might be substantial.

However, because the benefit you acquire is an instant, pleasant lawn, most property owners find the cost to be well worth it.

There are two simple criteria when it comes to determining your project’s final price.

The first factor is simply the amount of turf you are ordering.

The second part is whether you or the sod company is going to be doing the work of installing it.

A sod company near Louisville can give you a competent idea of what your project is going to cost if you can piece together a respectable idea of how big your yard is.

If you can take some time and calculate the size of your lawn, they can tell you what the price tag would be.

Measuring a yard that has a number of oddly shaped portions can be tricky, just try and do the best you can.

They are working in most surrounding neighborhoods including Shawnee, Portland, Chickasaw, University of Louisville district, Churchill Downs, the Zoo area, the Fairgrounds, St Matthews, Woodlawn Park, Broad Fields, Seneca Park, Indian Hills, Riverwood, Clifton, Highlands, Germantown, Tyler Park, Deer Park, Shelby Park and the downtown district.

Live in the suburbs? Deliveries are available in the East Side, South suburbs and Indiana suburbs too.

Ready To Get Started?

1. Draw up a simple little sketch of your property. Group the sections of your yard into easy to measure segments.

2. Make all the basic measurements of your property.

3. Make a short phone call.

They are ready to try to answer any of your questions.

You can figure out what the price estimate will be and which week they could get the job started.

Once you have a great front lawn again, it will really increase your home’s curb appeal.

And owning a soft hardy grass lawn might help get you and your kids to spend more time out in the backyard too.

They’re ready when you are.

Turf Service Around Your Neighborhood

  • Shawnee
  • Portland
  • Chickasaw
  • University district
  • Churchill Downs
  • The Zoo area
  • The Fairgrounds area
  • St Matthews
  • Woodlawn Park
  • Broad Fields
  • Seneca Park
  • Indian Hills
  • Riverwood
  • Clifton
  • Highlands
  • Germantown
  • Tyler Park
  • Deer Park
  • Shelby Park
  • Most other suburbs as well

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