Is Your Lakewood Lawn Looking a Bit Tired?

This contractor is here to install a new lawnWhat shape is your front lawn in these days?

It could be that your home is still brand new and you kind of forgot about investing any effort or money on the yard.

Or perhaps your exterior renovation project ruined your old lawn.

Maybe you moved into a home where the prior owner apparently was not too interested in what the lawn looked like.

Regardless of what your status is, and no matter how poor your lawn appears now, it could be quickly corrected by getting new, green grass sod put in.

Your Local Sod Company Can Re-Do Your Lawn Fast

An expert Lakewood Village lawn crew will get all your new turf done in one day.

You simply leave for work in the morning with a pretty sad yard, and come home after work to see a terrific lawn in the front of your house.

Let Them Handle the Whole Process

They generally do the whole process, from delivery to putting it down and cleaning up when they’re done.

They’ll even do the watering that first day.

But after that day, the watering burden is up to you.

Here, close to Long Beach, Mother Nature isn’t going to help much with the watering. So it’s essential you make sure to do it each and every day.

If they deliver and install your new grass during one of our typically dry Summers, you will need to go out and water a few times each day until the grass is established and thriving.

What If You Want to Do the Work Yourself?

Yes, you can do the sod installation on your own if you want.

You can get mature sod for sale and they will just bring your order to your Southern California property and then you can take it from there.

However, if you intend on doing the sodding part on your own, you need to make sure you get to it as soon as the order is delivered to you.

Fresh turf farm grass is perishable and you have to get it off your driveway and onto the ground and watered as fast as you can.

Sod Prices in Lakewood – What Will It Cost?

Having a nice yard contributes to your home’s curb appeal, which also increases your house’s future sales value as well.

That’s why it has always been a favorite tactic of experienced home sellers and real estate flippers.

Rolls of well-free grass from your local turf farmIt isn’t free to plant, raise, cut, deliver and lay down turf.

If you are getting your complete yard done, the final cost won’t be cheap.

However, most property owners consider the cost to be acceptable when factoring in the big benefit of owning a good yard.

With regards to the price of your job, certainly the chief factor in the cost of lawn sod delivery is how many feet of grass you will need.

A second price factor in your installation cost could be the location of your house.

If you live out in the sticks, the transportation fee to deliver to you might come into play. Doesn’t usually happen, but it might.

And, of course, if you are planning on installing it, that will bring the price down too.

If you’re able to accurately measure your yard and reach a decent determination of how much square feet you need to cover, you can talk with a Lakewood sod company and get a quote on how much you need and how much you ought to order.

They could supply you with a pretty fast estimate on how much it will cost to bring that order over to your home and place it down.

In some cases, someone may be able to actually drive out to your house and complete the measuring for you.

They deliver to and work with homeowners in all the local neighborhoods, from Long Beach to Lakewood Village and the neighborhoods around Saint Joseph High School and Mayfair High School.

Steps To Do Now

1. Put together basic drawing of your property to help you measure it.
2. Spend some time out in your yard completing all your basic measurements.
3. Make a quick phone call.

They’ll make an effort to answer every question you have.

They appreciate you finding the time to phone.

Even if you are not very confident in how good your yard measurements are, they will do their best to provide you with a reasonable price quote.

You certainly will enjoy having a top-notch front yard.

The curb appeal of your house is going to really go up.

Your whole family will welcome owning a nice, functional back lawn that is good for entertaining or having a little fun.

Your kids might even spend some time outside. Imagine that.

Help is ready when you are.



Do You Deliver Turf To My Neighborhood?

They bring turf to homes and businesses from Long Beach to Lakewood Village plus the neighborhoods around Saint Joseph High School and Mayfair High School.

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