How Does Your Lake Hills Area Yard Look These Days?

A Nice Looking Yard is On Its WaySo, how does your yard look these days?

It could be your home is still new and you sort of forgot about committing any effort on the yard. Or it’s possible your outside remodeling project wrecked your old yard.

Or perhaps you got a house where the former owner clearly didn’t worry much about what their lawn looked like.

Whatever reason got you into this situation, it is easy to get hardy, local sod installed at your house. And new sod is going to make your house look good right away.

Your Local Sod Company Can Re-Do Your Yard Fast

A good lawn contractor in the West Lake Sammamish area, working with a small but seasoned team, can transform your house’s curb appeal in just a few days or less. Their work can sometimes get done quickly. And the impact on your home’s visual appeal can be surprising.

They Can Take Care of the Entire Project

Your local team can take care of the complete project. They can deliver and install your new sod turf. They’ll even do the watering the very first day, but you have to be sure you do the watering from then on.

If your brand new lawn is put in during the Spring or Fall, and if the weather cooperates, you might not need to get your hose out much, but you will need to watch it.

And if you put in grass in late Summer, you will likely need to lightly water as much as several times each day. It’s important.

What If I Want To Do the Work Myself?

You can perform the entire sod installation yourself if you want to.

You can get hardy, new grass sod which they will bring over right to your driveway.

Your grass shows up neatly stacked and you can do the rest.

If you will be doing the sodding yourself, try to do it soon after your order is delivered.

Cut grass from sod farms can spoil and you should try to get it on the soil and lightly watered as soon as you can.

Sod Prices in Lake Hills – What Will Be the Cost?

First, a great grass lawn will add to your house’s curb appeal, and raise your house’s future real estate value as well. That’s why it is considered a number one technique of professional property flippers and house sellers.

Sod farm grass can come in rolls like theseMature, weed-free and healthy local turf bundles are not super-cheap. But when compared to most other home improvement projects, they aren’t too expensive either.

A Robinswood or Phantom Lake area grass delivery service should be a smart investment for your home.

To get a decent approximation on how much it will cost to do your yard, not surprisingly the biggest factors are merely the quantity of grass you have to order and whether you want to have them install it for you.

If you can go out and walk your lawn and arrive at a good estimate of the size of the space you want to work on, you can talk with a local sod company and they will provide you a number of how much you might want to purchase and what the charge will be to deliver it to your property and put it down on your lot. In certain situations, someone might be able to drive out to your property and do the measurements for you.

Delivery is available all over the east side of Bellevue, including homes in Phantom Lake, West Lake Sammamish, Robinswood and the 98008 and 98007 zip codes.

What Should I Do To Begin?

1. Generate a basic sketch of your yard and separate it into sections that are easy to measure.
2. Do some dimensions of your property.
3. Dial the number.

They will answer your questions.

During your call, they will explain what the cost could be and which days they are able to do your project.

Creating a good looking front yard could drastically maximize the curb appeal and appearance of your entire house.

Plus, owning an appealing back yard will inspire you and the family to get out and spend some time outside. It’s a win-win.

Get it started.



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They work and deliver to homes and businesses all over Eastern Bellevue, including the 98007 and 98008 zips and the West Lake Sammamish, Robinswood and Phantom Lake neighborhoods.

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