Does Your Lake City Lawn Need Some Work?

This guy can install a new lawn at your houseWhat kind of condition is your yard in these days?

It happens to the best of us.

Maybe you have a new home and you just haven’t gotten around to putting in that lawn yet. Maybe you just wrapped up an exterior remodeling project that really took a toll on your front yard.

Or maybe you just purchased a place where the previous homeowner wasn’t interested in having a nice yard.

Whatever your situation happens to be, it is easy to get new sod installed at your home. And it’s going to look good right away.

Get a Great Looking Lawn Overnight

An experienced Lake City WA lawn crew should be able to get all your mature sod grass installed in a single day. It’s pretty nice, one day you have a bad-looking yard and the next day you have a great-looking yard.

Find Someone to Deliver and Install in the Lake City Area

Once they put your new grass down, all you have to do is keep it watered for a while. And, this being Seattle, that usually isn’t much of a problem. Mother Nature typically helps out with that chore, but you will probably still need to do some watering in the first two or three weeks.

If you put in your grass during the Summer, you will need to pay more attention to it. During the Summer when they don’t get much rain, you probably have to lightly water up to several times a day.

Can I Do the Installing Part By Myself?

Yes, you can do the sod installation yourself if you want to.

Local farms offer new grass sod for sale and they will deliver your order to your northeast Seattle suburb and you can do the rest.

Laying it down isn’t exactly rocket science, but (like a lot of things in life), it is harder than it looks.

And if you are thinking about doing the sodding yourself, make sure to get to it as soon as your order is delivered.

Cut grass from sod farms has a shelf life. It is perishable and you need to get it down on to the soil and watered as soon as possible.

Sod Prices in Lake City – What Is It Going to Cost Me?

So you know about the benefits of this. A great lawn adds to your home’s curb appeal. It increases your home’s potential sales value as well. That is why it is a favorite sales tool of professional home sellers and house-flippers.

Transforming a residential backyardGood quality, locally grown, weed-free grass sod rolls are not cheap, but they are not too expensive either. A Lake City grass delivery service is fairly reasonable.

When it comes to the price you will pay, obviously the main factor in the cost of lawn sod delivery is how many square feet of grass you’re going to need.

A second price factor in your installation cost might be the location of your property. If you live out in the sticks, the transportation cost to deliver to you might come into play. Not usually, but it might.

And, of course, if you are planning on installing it, that will bring the price down too.

If you can measure your yard and come up with a decent estimate of how big the area is you need to cover, you can speak with a Lake City sod company and get a quote on what you need to order and how much it will be to bring it to your house and lay it down. In a few cases, someone may be able to actually stop out at your property and do the measuring for you.

Dependable work crews go to all the local neighborhoods: Matthews Beach, Olympic Hills, Cedar Park, Meadowbrook and Victory Heights. That includes the 98125 and 98155 zip codes.

Three Things to Do Now

(1) Make a rough sketch of your yard.

(2) Take some measurements of your yard.

(3) Make a quick phone call.

You can get your questions answered.

You will hear how much it will cost and when you can expect to get the project done.

Having a picture-perfect front lawn will really improve the appearance and curb appeal of your entire house.

And don’t underestimate the effect of how a nice thick lawn will have on getting your whole family to spend more time out in the backyard.

So grab your tape measure and then make a short call.



Do You Deliver Near Me in the Lake City Area?

They deliver all over northeast Seattle including property owners in Matthews Beach, Olympic Hills, Cedar Park, Victory Heights and Meadowbrook suburbs and the 98125 and 98155 zipcodes.

If you live near this area, make a short call.





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