How Does Your La Presa Yard Look These Days?

This contractor can make your front yard awesomeIs your front lawn looking a little bit on the awful side?

It could be you have a newly constructed home and haven’t gotten to your yard yet, or you just completed a major exterior remodeling project that screwed up your lawn.

Or perhaps you recently moved into a home where the previous owner didn’t think much about what their lawn looked like.

It doesn’t matter what your position is, and no matter how bad your lawn seems right now, it can be easily corrected by getting new grass sod put in.

Be That Guy Who Has a Great Lawn

Your La Presa lawn crew might get your sod turf installed in just a single day.

It’s a fairly nice deal. You go to work in the early morning with a mostly weed and dirt lawn but when you get home after work in the evening you could have a tip-top lawn.

They Will Do All the Work

Most of the time, they do the full process and all the work.

They cut it, deliver it, place it down and clean up afterwards when it’s done.

They’ll even water your new turf on that first day.

But after that initial day, that responsibility is up to you.

If you’re lucky, Mother Nature may sometimes help a little bit with the watering duties, but it’s your job to be sure it gets watered often enough.

During one of those typical dry Summers, you might have to head outdoors and water several times each day until your yard is established.

Could I Do the Work Myself?

Yes, you can do the installation process yourself if you want.

They supply freshly cut grass sod for sale and will truck over your order to your SE San Diego suburb and you can do the rest.

Putting it down isn’t exactly brain surgery, but like a lot of other things in life, it is more difficult than it looks.

Note, if you plan on undertaking the sodding by yourself or with friends, make sure to do it as soon as the pallets are delivered.

Cut grass from sod farms is perishable and you want to get it placed onto the soil and watered right away.

Southern California Sod Prices – What Will it Cost?

Having a terrific lawn boosts your house’s curb appeal, which also raises your property’s likely sales value too.

That’s why it has always been a favorite sales tactic of professional house sellers and property flippers.

Fenced backyard gets new rolls of hardy grassThese grass turf bundles are not exactly cheap, but they are really high priced either.

When you bear in mind just how much value a nice lawn adds to a property, the final price of a La Presa grass delivery service is pretty fair.

With regards to what the final cost will be, certainly the key factor in the price of a sod delivery is the volume of grass you are getting.

A potential secondary factor in your installation cost might depend on the location of your property.

If you live too far in the sticks (and you know if you do), a small transportation charge to deliver to you might be included.

If you could take some measurements of your lawn and come up with a reasonable idea of the number of square feet you want to cover up, you can speak with a San Diego sod company and they can give you a price quote on how much you need to get.

A quote will tell you how much it’ll cost you to deliver out to your property and then do the installation.

If possible, they may be allowed to even come over to your place and do the measurements for you.

So Just Do These Steps to Get Started:

1. Draw out an elementary little sketch of your property. Break up the drawing into easy to measure segments.
2. Do some measurements of your yard.
3. Make a quick phone call.

They can answer your questions.

They will provide a cost calculation and let you understand what the work schedule looks like and when they can get it done.

Developing a nice front lawn will really improve the curb appeal and entire appearance of your entire California home.

And a fantastic backyard could motivate your family to spend more time having fun.

Look forward to your call.



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