Does Your Highland Lawn Need Some Work?

This Dude Will Make Your Yard Look NiceLet’s be honest, how does your front lawn look nowadays?

Maybe your house is still brand new and you kind of forgot about committing much effort or money on the yard.

Or it could be that your exterior renovation project destroyed your old lawn.

Perhaps you have a house where the prior owner did not care too much about what his lawn looked like.

Regardless of what your circumstance is, it is easy to get new sod installed at your Inland Empire house.

And it will make your house look awesome right away.

Get a Good Looking Lawn Overnight

A local Highland lawn crew could get all your sod laid out in just one day.

It’s a nice experience, you can go to work in the morning with a dreadful lawn and return home after work to a terrific yard.

They Can Take care of the Entire Project

Most of the time, they carry out the entire process and all the work.

They slice it, deliver it, put it down and clean up afterwards when it’s finished.

They’ll even water your new turf on that first day.

But after the initial day, that obligation is up to you.

Mother Nature will not usually help much with the watering duties, so it is your job to be sure it gets watered often enough.

If you get your new grass in the middle of a dry San Bernardino Summer, you must water often and keep it as moist as you can.

Can I Put It Down Myself?

If you are thinking about saving some money by taking on some of the work, you can handle the installation on your own.

They have local green sod for sale that they can drop off right on your driveway.

And then you and your buddies complete the task of laying it down.

And if you are considering performing the sodding work on your own time, be sure to get to it as soon as your order is dropped off.

Cut turf from a sod farm has a shelf life.

It is perishable and you need to get it down on the soil and watered as quick as possible.

What Is It Going to Cost? – Sod Prices in Highland CA

Once it’s in, a new lawn will truly increase your home’s appearance from the street and also increase your house’s possible sales price as well.

That’s why it is a favorite sales tactic of real estate experts and experienced house-flippers.

Installing mature sod farm rollsPremium quality, local grass turf rolls are not cheap, however they are not really too expensive either.

When it comes to what it will cost, clearly the main factor in the final price tag of a lawn sod delivery is the quantity of grass you will be ordering.

The second potential factor in your installation cost could depend on the site of your property.

If you live too far out of the normal delivery area, travel cost to deliver to you might come into play.

If you’re able to calculate some reasonable readings of your yard and come up with a good approximation of how much soil you want to cover up, you can talk with a Highland sod company and they can give you details on how much you need to order.

They will give you a price quote on how much it will set you back to bring your purchase out to your property and complete the installation.

In a few cases, they may be able to drive over to your home and carry out the measuring for you.

They operate in each of the nearby communities – East Highlands and areas north or east of the Airport.

Ok, So Where Do I Start?

1. Produce a simple sketch of your yard that will help you measure how big it is.
2. Go outside and try to measure each area of your yard.
3. Figure out the area of each part and add them all up collectively. Phone when you have one or two spare minutes.

They will do their best to answer all your questions.

They will do as much as they can to explain how much it will cost and when they might plan on getting it started off.

If you can keep a terrific front lawn, it will vastly boost the curb appeal of your house.

Plus, an appealing back yard will probably help you do more out in your back yard too.

A decent back lawn might even get your family and you to spend more time outdoors as well. That’s a nice bonus.

Ready when you are.



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Deliver and install in each of the nearby communities – Highlands, East Highlands, eastern San Bernardino and other areas east or north of the Airport.

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