Does Your Gresham Oregon Area Lawn Need Some Work?

Make The Yard Look TerrificHas your yard looked better?

It could be you have a recently built home and haven’t gotten to the lawn yet, or you recently wrapped up a considerable exterior renovation project that screwed up your lawn.

It’s possible that the prior owner of your house failed to worry much about the lawn. His years of neglect has left you with a less-than-terrific lawn.

Whatever your shape of your yard is, you can get your yard looking nice again. And it could take place really quickly.

Your House Could Have a Nice Yard

A hard-working Gresham lawn crew might be able to get your ordered sod placed down in a single day. It’s not bad, one day you have a nasty lawn and the next day you have a good one.

The Process is Easy if You Have Someone Do It

Most homeowners simply have their contractor complete the whole project.

In other words, they deliver it, put it down and then clean up after themselves when they’re done. Once they leave, then it’s your responsibility to be sure your new turf stays damp. The weather here in Multnomah and Clackamas County may generally help out with that.

If you put in your lawn during late Summer when there often isn’t much rain, you will have to get outside and water up to a few times each day. That’s all you have to do.

Can I Put It Down Myself?

Yes, you can do the sod installation part yourself if you want.

They supply new sod for sale and they will bring over your order to your place and you can do the rest.

Laying it down isn’t exactly rocket science, but like a lot of other things in life, it is trickier than it looks.

If you are considering finishing the sodding by yourself, your priority should be to get started on it as soon as your turf is delivered.

Most people don’t know it, but grass from a turf farm has a shelf life. It is perishable and can spoil. You will need to get it set down on the ground and properly watered as soon as possible.

Let’s Talk Cost – The Price of Sod in Gresham OR

Having a great front lawn will really help your house’s curb appeal and, potentially, the real estate value of it as well. That’s why experienced realtors and house flippers routinely put in new lawns at the properties they are managing.

Your yard team unrolling perfect weed-free sod farm turfIt isn’t really cheap to seed, raise, harvest, deliver and put down good-quality grass. And if you are undertaking a large lawn, your final cost will not be cheap. On the other hand, most homeowners value the cost to be sensible when factoring in the key benefits they will receive from it.

As you know, the final cost of your project is mostly based on the amount of turf you are ordering, and whether their crew or you will be laying it down at your property. There are a few other elective costs that might come into play, but it’s mostly the amount of grass you’re purchasing that will determine your final cost.

If you can accurately take measurements of your yard and reach a good determination of how many square feet you want to cover, you can speak with a local sod company and get a quote on how much grass you need and how many pallets you need to buy.

They can give you a pretty quick estimate on what it will cost to truck your order out to your home and lay it down. In some instances, someone may even be able to actually come out to your house and do the measuring for you.

They can deliver from the east Portland suburbs over to Gresham, including homes in the 97030 and 97080 zip codes.

Here Is Where to Start

1. Put together little sketch of your lawn to help you measure it.
2. Go get the measurements of the sections of your lawn.
3. Dial the number.

Have some questions? They’ll try to answer them.

They will do their best to present you an accurate cost estimate. And they’ll also provide you with a projected time to get the job done.

When they’re done with your yard, you will enjoy owning a nice-looking front yard. They are sure you will really appreciate it.

Your whole family will appreciate having a fine, practicable back lawn which is great for entertaining or having fun. Your kids might even have a good time outside. Imagine that.

Looking forward to your call.



Do You Deliver Sod East of Portland?

They can deliver turf from the East side of Portland to Gresham and the surrounding neighborhoods.



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