Does Your Goodyear Area Lawn Need Some Work?

Make Your Front Yard Look TerrificHas your yard looked better?

In case you have recently bought a new house or you just completed a major outdoor house remodeling project, your front lawn might be looking a little sad.

Still others may have just moved into a house where the preceding owner was not very interested in what the yard looked like.

Whatever your circumstance is right now, you can easily have fresh sod put down at your house.

And it will make your yard look good right away.

Have Your Lawn Looking Good

An experienced lawn crew in western Phoenix will often get all your new sod grass laid out in a day.

It works out good. The day starts with you having a yucky lawn and it ends with a brand new one.

Taking Care of the Whole Process

Once you get your new turf down, all you must do is keep it watered for a while.

And, this being greater Phoenix, that often is not much of a problem.

Mother Nature typically does not help out with that chore, so you will probably need to do all the watering during the first two or three weeks.

If it is a dry July or August when they place your new turf down, you will have to be more tuned in to it.

Most Summers, there isn’t much rain, so you will probably have to get your garden hose out a couple of times each day and water a little bit.

Can I Do Some of the Work Myself?

If you are serious about saving some money by doing some of the work, you can take care of the installation by yourself.

They bring local green sod for sale that they drop off right on your driveway.

And then you and your friends complete the task of putting it down.

Having said that, if you intend on laying it down on your yard without their help (along with a couple of friends), make sure you will be ready to get started as soon as your pallets are dropped off.

Fresh harvested grass from a sod farm is perishable.

You should not wait on installing it.

You’ll want to take it off the driveway and get it down on the soil and lightly watered as quick as you can.

What Will It Cost – The Price of Sod in Goodyear AZ

A nice front lawn will significantly improve the curb appeal of your house.

And it should maximize your house’s potential real estate price too.

That is why front lawns are considered a priority of professional house sellers and property flippers.

Check out this fresh-cut turf roll being placed in a new yardMature, southwest grass rolls are not very cheap, yet they are not that overpriced either.

Most homeowners look at the price to be worth the cost when they consider the benefits of owning a green, nice looking lawn.

Naturally, the two key variables in determining your actual price tag is how much turf you will be purchasing and whether or not they are going to be carrying out the installation process for you.

Large lawns cost more than small lawns.

So if you’re planning on placing the new turf down by yourself, that will greatly reduce your cost too.

Now, if you happen to live way out in the sticks (and you know who you are), an additional shipping fee to get to your place might be added in.

But that occurring is pretty rare.

If you could make a rough sketch of your yard and come up with some realistic measurements of it, you should be in the position to calculate an estimate of the number of square feet you want to cover.

After that when you discuss it with a west metro sod company, they will give you a price quote on how much turf you need to get the job done.

They will supply you with a quote for how much it will cost to bring it out to your property and complete the installation if you want them to do it.

Sometimes, if your street address is convenient, they might have the chance to drive by your home and figure out the measuring instead of having you do it.

Deliver and install throughout Maricopa County and the local suburbs, including properties near Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Estrella Mountain Ranch, Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Las Brisas, Ballpark area, Desert Edge High School, Canyon Trails, Goodyear Community Park, Litchfield Park and Eagles Nest Golf Course.

Things to Do to Begin

1. Make a rough sketch of your yard. Try to separate your big drawing of your yard down into sections that are easy to measure.
2. Make all the approximate measurements of your property.
3. Have a short phone call.

They’ll try to answer all your questions.

They can do their best to give you an accurate cost estimate. And they can also give a projected time period to have your job done.

Creating a nice front yard is going to seriously increase the curb appeal and appearance of your entire house.

And you and your family should end up enjoying a soft green lawn all around your house.

It may even encourage your kids to spend more time in the backyard.

It all begins with a phone call.


Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Deliver and install around Maricopa County and the west-side suburbs, including properties near the Airport, Estrella Mountain Ranch, Estrella Mountain Park, Las Brisas, Ballpark, Desert Edge High School, Canyon Trails, Community Park, Litchfield Park and Eagles Nest Golf.

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