How Is Your Fremont Lawn Looking These Days?

This is the contractor who can put in your new yardAre you happy with the way your lawn looks?

If your yard doesn’t look so good, they’re not saying it’s your fault.

Maybe your house is still kind of new and you have been putting your energy on making the interior look good. Or perhaps a recent exterior remodeling project damaged it.

It is possible the previous owner of your place didn’t care much about the yard and neglected it for too long. His lack of maintenance has left you with a less-than-awesome yard.

It doesn’t really matter how your yard got to look the way it looks today, because you can get it taken care of by ordering and laying down weed-free, mature grass sod. Your yard is going to go from poor to awesome in just a matter of hours.

Make Your Green Lake Area Yard Look Good

A dependable Fremont lawn contractor, heading up an experienced crew, will get your new green lawn put down in almost no time. You (and your neighbors across the street) will be surprised at the transformation it makes in the overall appearance of your home.

Delivery and Installation for You Too

Most homeowners just have them complete the whole project.

In other words, they deliver it, lay it down and then clean up after themselves when they’re done. Once they leave, then it is up to you to make sure your new turf stays watered. The weather here in Seattle will generally help out with that.

If they work on your new grass during one of our typically dry Summers, you will have to go out and water a few times every day until the grass is established and thriving.

What If You Want To Install It?

If you are the ambitious type and want to save some money, you can lay it down by yourself (probably with the help of a friend or two). You can order sod for sale which they drop off at your driveway just after it is harvested. They drop it off. You take it from there.

If you have laid sod down before, or if the friends who are helping you have done it before, you might be in a good position for doing it yourself. If you have not done it before, the job looks a little easier than it really is.

The main thing to remember is cut sod is perishable. It’s fresh when they drop it off at your place. You should get going on the job right away. Do not have it sit in your driveway for days before you get around to installing it.

Let’s Talk Cost – The Price of Sod in Fremont

The main reason most homeowners buy sod is it makes their house look good.

A fantastic front yard really helps your home’s curb appeal. Greater curb appeal then contributes to a higher real estate value when you sell. All realtors and property flippers know this. That’s why lawn makeovers are one of the most popular exterior renovations on the properties they are working on.

These turf rolls are gonna make this backyard awesomeIt takes a lot of time and effort to plant, grow, manage, cut, deliver and lay down a strip of grass. So if you are having a big yard done, the cost can be pretty substantial. However, because the benefit you receive is big — an instant, nice-looking yard — most homeowners look at the cost as being reasonable.

There are two obvious factors when it comes to determining your project’s final cost. The first factor is simply the amount of grass you will be ordering. The second factor is whether you or the sod company will be doing the work of installing it.

If you are able to figure out how much area you need to cover, a sod farm near Wallingford and Fremont will be able to quote you an estimate on the phone.

Some people’s yards are easier to measure than others. If your yard consists of multiple odd-shaped sections, it will be harder to measure. Just do your best. When you have an approximate square footage estimate, they can give you a quote based on how much you will need and on who will be working to install it.

Contractors deliver and work for property owners all over the Green Lake, Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods, including the 98107, 98115, 98103 and 98105 zip codes.

Get Started Here:

1) Draw a sketch of your yard and divide it up into smaller measurable sections.

2) Go out and measure the length and width of each section.

3) Figure out the square feet of each section and then add them all up together.

4) Call when you have a few spare minutes.

They will attempt to answer any question you have. They appreciate you taking the time to call.

Even if you aren’t too confident in how accurate your yard measurement is, they will do their best to give you an estimate.

When they are done, you will appreciate having a top-notch front yard. They know you will really like it.

Plus, having a nice, inviting back yard is going to get you out in your back yard more often too. A good back lawn might even persuade your kids to spend more time outside as well. That’s a bonus.

So jot down the phone number and get your tape measure. Talk to you soon.



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They deliver all over central and north Seattle including property owners in the Wallingford and Green Lake suburbs, along with the 98107, 98115, 98103 and 98115 zip codes.

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