How is Your North St. Louis Lawn Looking These Days?

This is Your New Turf Grass ContractorLet’s be frank for a second, how is your lawn looking right now?

It could be you have a recently constructed house and haven’t gotten to the lawn yet, or you recently wrapped up a big exterior renovation project that messed up your yard.

Or perhaps you just have a home where the prior owner wasn’t that interested in what the yard looked like.

Regardless of what your situation is, you can have new sod installed at your Missouri house.

It will look nice as soon as it is installed.

Re-Do Your Lawn Fast

These are experienced FLorissant lawn contractors who can make your yard over fast.

Your property may look a bit uneven before they get the work started, but it will look really good when they are all done.

They Can Complete the Entire Project For You

Once your new grass is put down, you only need to keep it damp for a couple of weeks.

And that usually is not much of a problem.

Mother Nature often likes to help with that, but you will probably need to do some watering.

If you put down your lawn during a typical dry and hot Summer, you will need to water many times a day.

Do You Want To Do the Installing Work?

You can do the sod installation part on your own if you want.

They have mature, weed-free grass sod for sale which they will deliver straight to your driveway.

They drop it off in manageable little pieces and you can do the rest.

If you are doing the installing by yourself, they can work with you on the time of delivery.

They will drop off your order at your location.

And they’ll let you know exactly when they’ll be dropping it off too, since it is important you get started on it as soon as it’s delivered.

Grass from sod farms will be perishable, you can’t have it sit on your driveway for days.

Price of Sod in North St. Louis

When you purchase a new yard, you are exchanging money for a nice-looking yard.

Having a great front lawn is going to help improve your home’s curb appeal and (almost certainly) the real estate value of it too.

Realtors and experienced property sellers routinely put in new yards for the properties they are hoping to sell.

Sod farm turf being placed in a back yardLocally grown turf rolls aren’t bargain-priced, but they are not too expensive either.

When you consider how much benefit a nice lawn adds to your home, the final cost of a grass delivery service is fairly realistic.

As you can most likely guess, the two main price factors will be how much grass you will be ordering and whether or not they will be performing the actual installation.

It’s feasible there might be an optional cost or two, but the order quantity and the installation cost are the main determining factors.

If you can to determine how much area you want to do, a sod farm north of St. Louis will be able to quote you a number right on the phone.

Some yards are less difficult to measure than others are.

If your space features several odd-shaped portions, it will be harder to measure properly.

So just do the best you can.

After you have an approximate square footage estimation, they can tell you a quote based on how much grass you should have and who will be doing the work to install it at your place.

Do they work in your area? They work in all the north suburbs such as Old Jamestown, Spanish Lake, Dellwood, Ferguson, Jennings, Florissant and Black Jack.

So Where Do I Start?

1. Make a basic drawing of your property that will help you measure it.

2. Do some dimensions of your yard.

3. Pick up your phone and call.

They’re always happy to speak with homeowners. They will answer any question you have.

They will do their best to let you know how much the job will cost and what week you can expect to get the job started.

Once they are done, you will really like owning a terrific front lawn. It will improve how your home looks from the street.

And creating a welcoming back yard could encourage you and your family to go out and enjoy more time in your backyard.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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