Does Your Huntington Beach Lawn Need a Little TLC?

This is the guy who will make your front yard outstandingIs your front yard looking a bit awful?

Okay, it might be that you are in a recently built house and the lawn isn’t put in yet.

Or maybe you just did a long remodeling project that did a number on your yard.

Or maybe you moved into a place where the former homeowner obviously didn’t worry much about what their lawn looked like.

Whatever your circumstance is today, it is easy to have new sod put down at your home.

And it will make your home look good instantly.

Your Yard Can Receive a Facelift

An experienced East HB lawn crew can lay down hardy, local grass installed on your yard in often just one day or so.

Fresh sod can significantly change how your property looks. And fast.

They Will Do All the Work

Once your new turf is put down, all you have to do is keep it wet for the first two or three weeks.

It’s important you do a little watering every day.

If you install your new turf in the middle of one of our real dry and hot summers, you will need to go outside and water a few times each day until the grass is established and thriving.

Can I Do the Installing Part By Myself?

Sure, you could undertake the sod installation part yourself if you want.

They have new sod for sale and they will gladly truck your order over to your property on pallets and you can do the rest.

If you are planning to do the installation labor yourself, it’s best to make sure you will be ready to get going soon after they show up to drop your order off.

Fresh cut grass from a sod farm is actually perishable. Don’t put off installing it.

You should get your new turf off the driveway and down on the ground as quick as you can.

Sod Prices in East Huntington Beach – What Will the Cost Be?

A beautiful lawn will add to your house’s curb appeal and build up your home’s real estate value as well.

That’s why real estate experts and house flippers naturally purchase new turf for any property that needs it.

Unrolling a mature new back lawnTop-quality, hardy, locally grown grass turf rolls aren’t cheap, but they aren’t that expensive either.

In terms of what you will pay, the main factor in the price of the grass turf delivery is simply the quantity of square feet of grass you’re going to need. The more you need, the more it will cost.

An additional price consideration in your cost could be where your property is located.

If you live far out of the metro area, the transport charge to deliver to you might come into play.

If you could take some measurements of your yard and arrive at a guess of the amount of square feet you need to cover, you could discuss it with an East HB sod company and they can give you a quotation on how much you should request.

They will tell you how much it’s going to cost to truck that order over to your property and carry out the installation if you want them to.

If your address is convenient, someone may be able to even come by your property and do the measuring for you.

Contractors operate in each of the nearby neighborhoods of Southeast HB, Adams and Edison High School.

Things to Do Now

1. Generate a drawing of your yard that will help you break down your yard into sectors.
2. Take all your rough measurements. Work out the square feet in each smaller section and total them all up.
3. Dial the number.

They’ll do their best to solve all your questions.

If they can, they will offer an estimate on cost and an estimate on when they will start your project.

Once they’re done, you will really like having a terrific front lawn. It is going to improve how your home looks from the street.

Plus, having a nice, inviting back yard might get you out in your back yard more often too.

A fine back lawn could even encourage your kids to devote more time outside too. That’s a bonus.



Do You Deliver Turf To My Neighborhood?

They bring turf to homes and businesses to the neighborhoods of Southeast HB, Adams and Edison High School.

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