Is Your Daly City Lawn Looking a Bit Rough?

A Good Looking Lawn is On Its WaySo, how does your front lawn look these days?

If your front yard doesn’t look so good, nobody is saying it’s your fault.

It’s possible your house is still new and you have been placing your time and effort on making the interior look great. Or it’s possible a recent exterior improvement job damaged it.

Maybe you settled into a house where the last owner obviously did not worry about what his lawn looked like.

Yet regardless of what your circumstance is, and no matter how uneven your lawn appears today, it can be readily corrected by having some fresh, mature sod laid down.

Get Your Lawn Looking Good

We are an experienced Daly City lawn service that can provide and install weed-free, locally grown turf on your yard.

And we can frequently get the job done in one day. Brand new sod can totally transform the overall curb appeal of your house fast.

We Can Take Care of the Whole Process

You can have us complete the entire process. We will deliver and install your new lawn.

We’ll even do the watering the first day, but after that, it’s up to you. It’s very important, you need to remember to do the watering for the next couple of weeks. Now, if your new lawn is put down in the Spring or Fall, and if the North Peninsula weather cooperates, you might not have to get the hose out very often, but you have to monitor how wet your new grass is.

If we put in your lawn during the middle or late Summer when we often don’t get hardly any rainfall, you will need to get outside and water up to several times a day. That’s all you have to do.

Can I Do the Job By Myself?

Sure, you can undertake the turf installation by yourself if you’d like.

We supply fresh grass sod for sale and we will quickly deliver your order to your San Mateo County house and you take over from there.

If you’re serious about doing the actual installing by yourself, be aware that you need to get started on the job as soon as we deliver your pallets to you. Fresh new sod farm grass is subject to spoiling. You need to start putting it down the day we drop your order off.

Let’s Talk About Cost – Sod Prices in Daly City CA

If you have a nice-looking front yard, it is going to help your house’s curb appeal. Improved curb appeal leads to a higher real estate value too.

Realtors and property flippers realize this too. That’s why they think about taking on lawn makeovers on the properties they are trying to sell.

Sod farm turf comes in rolls like this one hereMature, thick and hardy local turf rolls are not super-cheap. But when compared to other home improvement projects, they are not too expensive either.

A Daly City grass delivery service ought to be a smart investment for your home.

An optional third factor in your sod installation cost might depend on your location. If you live in an uncommon spot or it is far out of the normal delivery area, there could be a slight delivery charge added. It’s not typical, however.

If you’re able to take several measurements of your yard and come to a decent estimate of how much square feet you want to cover, you could talk with a Daly City sod company and we can give you a sense of how much grass you must purchase.

We will give you a pretty fast quote on how much it will cost to get all that product out to your property and get them down on your yard. In a few special circumstances, we might be able to drive by your home and do the calculating for you.

We work with homeowners all over the greater San Francisco area, Daly, Westlake, Broadmoor and Serramonte. This includes everyone in the 94015 and 94014 zips.

How Do I Start?

1. Make a rough sketch of your yard that will help you break down your lawn into segments.
2. Take some approximate measurements. Determine the number of square feet in each section and add them up.
3. Spend a few minutes with us on the phone.

We are happy to speak with any property owner who is considering getting new sod. We’ll try to respond to any question you have.

Even if you are not too hopeful in how good your yard measurements are, we can do our best to provide you with a reasonable price quote.

After you have a terrific-looking front yard again, it will seriously increase your home’s curb appeal.

And a terrific backyard could motivate your family to spend more time having fun.

Let’s go.

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Do You Deliver Turf Near Me?

We deliver turf from West San Francisco down to the Westlake, Broadmoor, Serramonte and Daly City areas, plus the 94015 and 94014 zip codes.


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