Is Your Claremont Lawn Looking a Bit Rough?

A Nice Looking Lawn is On Its WaySo, how does your front yard look these days?

If your lawn doesn’t look so great, nobody is saying it’s your fault.

Maybe your house is still kind of new and you have been placing your attention on making the interior look good.

Or it could be that a recent exterior improvement job ruined it.

Maybe you moved into a place where the past owner apparently was not too interested in what the lawn looked like.

Whatever your situation is, you can get mature sod put down on your yard.

And it is going to help your home look much better right away.

Your Lawn Can Get a Make Over

An experienced Pomona lawn crew can lay down hardy, local grass installed on your yard in often just one day.

Brand new sod can dramatically transform how your house looks. And fast.

They Can Take Care of the Entire Project

You simply call us, and they’ll do the whole job.

Once your new turf is put in, your job is to remember to keep it damp.

During a typical dry Summer when we just are not getting much rain, you will have to water up to several times every day for several weeks.

Do You Want To Do the Installing Job?

If you want to, you have the option of putting down your new sod by yourself or with the help of a few friends.

They have fresh and local sod for sale and delivery.

They will simply drop it off at your place. It will be newly cut and neatly stacked in your driveway.

Putting it down on the dirt isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

But if you are up to it (and if you have a handful of friends who can help) you are welcome to try it.

They will work with you regarding the time when they will deliver your order.

Turf is perishable. It’s best to ready to begin putting it down as soon as they get it to you.

You don’t want to let it sit in your driveway for long before you get to it.

What Is It Going to Cost? – Sod Prices in Claremont

Maybe you aren’t thinking about selling your house right now, but when the day arrives that you are planning on selling, a nice lawn will increase your house’s curb appeal.

That is exactly why professional home flippers and top realtors routinely replace turf at the properties they are trying to sell.

These green rolls are going to make this yard awesomeIt requires a lot of time and energy to plant, grow, take care of, cut, ship and finally lay down a section of grass. So if you want to have a big yard undertaken, the price might be pretty substantial.

All the same, because the benefit you get is a big, instant, great-looking yard. Most homeowners look at the expense as being practical.

Concerning the cost of your landscaping project, the main variable in the cost of your sod delivery is the number of square feet of grass you’re going to need.

An extra factor in your project might be be your location. If you live in an unusually hard to get to area, the cost to bring it to you might come into play. It doesn’t usually happen though.

Phone and they will give you a pretty reliable quote on what the price would be to get those heavy pallets shipped out to your property and installed on your yard.

In a few cases, they may have the ability to swing by your property and do the measuring by themselves.

Working in all of the local suburbs from Pomona to Upland and Ontario, and this includes homes around College Heights, Foothill Freeway, Pomona College, Claremont College and Harvey Mudd College.

The Next Steps To Take

1. Draw a rough sketch of your property and partition it up into smaller sized sections.
2. Take all the approximate measurements of your yard.
3. Make a quick phone call.

They will get your questions answered.

During the call, they will explain what your cost will be and what week they might be able to deliver your project.

Owning a thick, healthy front lawn can considerably enhance the overall appearance of your entire house.

And owning a pleasant thick grass lawn might motivate you and the kids to spend time out in the backyard too.

Why not get started.



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Working in all of the local suburbs from Pomona to Upland and Ontario, and this includes homes around College Heights, Pomona College, Claremont College and Harvey Mudd College.

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