Is Your Bixby Knolls Lawn Looking a Bit Rough?

Drawing of the guy who will work on your lawnSo, has your lawn seen better times?

It could be you have a new house and you haven’t gotten around to putting in a yard yet.

Maybe you just finished an exterior renovation job that essentially ruined your yard.

Or perhaps you moved into a home where the last owner didn’t care very much about what his yard looked like.

No matter what your situation is today, it is easy to get sod installed at your Southern California home.

And your lawn will look excellent within days.

Make Your Lawn the Nicest on the Block

An experienced Bixby Knolls lawn crew can get strong, local grass placed on your yard in often just one day.

Brand new sod can significantly transform how your property looks. And fast.

Your Local Contractor Can Deliver and Install It for You

Most of the time, they manage the entire operation from start to finish.

They harvest it, truck it over, place it down and clean up after themselves when they’re finished.

They even water your new turf on that first day.

But after the initial day, that responsibility is up to you.

Mother Nature will often help take care of some of the watering responsibilities, but it’s your job to make sure it gets lightly watered often enough.

If you install your new turf in the heat of a dry Summer, you will need to water frequently and keep your yard moist as well as you can.

Can I Just Order the Grass and Lay it Down Myself?

If you want to, you have the choice of placing down your new grass by yourself or with some friends.

They have fresh sod that’s ready for delivery.

They put it on a truck and drop it off at your home.

It will be freshly harvested and neatly stacked in your driveway.

However, if you will be doing the sodding chores yourself, you should try to get to it as soon as the pallets are delivered.

Fresh cut grass from local sod farms is perishable and you have to get it onto the soil and watered as quick as you can.

Sod Prices Near Bixby Knolls – What Will the Cost Be?

Having a great front yard will really help your residence’s curb appeal and, potentially, the real estate valuation of it as well.

That’s why realtors and house flippers regularly put in better yards at the properties they are trying to sell quickly.

Your lawn team unrolling sod farm turfIt is not cheap to seed, raise, harvest and put down good quality grass.

And if you are undertaking a large lawn, your bottom line price will not be cheap.

On the other hand, most property owners believe the price to be sensible when factoring in the key benefits they will receive from it.

Naturally, the two main factors in finding out your actual cost is how much product you’re purchasing and whether you want them to do the installation work for you.

Big lawns cost more than small yards.

And if you are going to be putting your new turf down by yourself, that will cut down the cost too.

Now, if you happen to live way out in the sticks (you know who you are), the transport fee to get to your place might be a little bit higher.

But that is fairly rare.

They can normally be ready to get you a close estimate on the phone if you could measure your yard and come up with a pretty good idea of just how big your yard is.

Calculating the size of your yard might be a little bit challenging. Just do your best.

Grass can get delivered all around the northern Long Beach metro area, especially the neighborhoods around the Long Beach Airport area, Los Cerritos and Cal Heights.

The 3 Steps to Get Started

1. Make a drawing of your yard and separate it into measurable sections.
2. Go out and figure out the dimensions of each portion of your yard.
3. Grab the phone and start a short phone call.

You can get all your questions answered.

You will figure out what the cost will be and the timeframe of when they could get it started.

Owning a nice looking front lawn will seriously enhance the curb appeal and appearance of your entire home.

And your nice soft lawn might also prompt you and your family to enjoy more time outdoors.

Imagine that. Your kids actually spending time outdoors.

Why not get it started.



Do You Deliver Turf To My Neighborhood?

They bring turf to homes and businesses around the Long Beach Airport area, Los Cerritos and Cal Heights.

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