How Does Your Ballard Yard Look These Days?

This guy can make your front yard awesomeIs your lawn looking a bit sad?

Maybe you are in a new house and the yard isn’t in good shape yet. Or maybe you just completed that long remodeling project.

Maybe you moved into a home where the previous owner didn’t spend any time or effort on keeping the yard looking nice.

I guess it really doesn’t matter what caused your yard to need fixing up. If it looks bad, it looks bad. But it can be corrected fast. Laying down mature grass sod can give you a perfect yard in just days.

Your Seattle Yard Can Look Great in Just Hours

A good Ballard lawn contractor, working with an experienced crew, can work a makeover at your home in no time. It’s kind of amazing how fast the work can get done and what a big difference it makes with the appearance of your property.

They Can Do the Entire Project For You

Your crew will typically do the entire process, from delivery to laying it down and cleaning up afterwards. They’ll even do the watering that first day. But after that first day, the watering responsibility is up to you. Here in King County, Mother Nature will often take care of some of the watering, but it’s important you make sure to get it done everyday.

During one of our typical dry summers, you may have to get out and water a couple of times every day until your yard is established.

What If I Want to Install It Myself?

You have the option of laying your new sod by yourself it you want to. You can find local Seattle sod for sale. They just drop it off at your driveway. It will be freshly cut and stacked on pallets.

Laying it down isn’t as easy as it looks. But if you’re up to it (and if you have a couple of friends who can help) you are welcome to do it.

It’s important that your delivery guys coordinate with you on the time they drop off your order. Fresh sod is perishable. You should be ready to start putting it down as soon as it is delivered to you. You don’t want to let it sit in your driveway for a few days before you get to it.

What Will It Cost – The Price of Sod in Ballard

Having a great front yard will certainly help your home’s curb appeal and, potentially, the real estate value of it as well. That’s why realtors and house flippers routinely put in new yards at the properties they are managing.

Rolls of mature grass from a local sod farmIt isn’t cheap to plant, grow, cut, deliver and put down grass. If you are having your entire yard done, the final price won’t be cheap. However, most homeowners consider the price to be fair when factoring in the big benefit of having a nice looking yard.

If you are hoping to get a good estimate as to how much it would cost us to do your property, the biggest cost factors are simply the amount of grass you need to order and whether or not you want to have it installed for you.

A sod company near Ballard can give you a solid estimate of what your project will cost if you can come up with a good estimate of how big your yard is. If you can spend some time and measure your yard, they can tell you what the cost would be. Measuring a yard that has a bunch of different shaped sections can be tricky, just do your best.

So Just Do These Two Things to Get Started:

1. Spend some time out in your yard taking some measurements.

2. When you have a few minutes — make a short call.

They are always happy to speak with homeowners. They’ll answer any question you have.

Work teams can travel all over the metro area including the Crown Hill, North Beach, Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Olympic Manor, Blue Ridge and Whittier Heights neighborhoods.

Even if you aren’t sure what your exact yard size is, they will do their best to give you a cost estimate.

You will really like having a terrific front yard. It will improve how your house looks from the street.

And your whole family is going to appreciate having a nice, functional back yard for entertaining or having fun. You and your kids may even spend more time outside.

Ready when you are.



Do You Deliver Near Me?

Drivers and work teams go all over Seattle including Crown Hill, Loyal Heights, Olympic Manor, Whittier Heights, Blue Ridge, Sunset Hill and North Beach, which includes homeowners in the 98107, 98117 and 98103 zip codes.

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