Does Your Avondale Lawn Need a Little TLC?

Make The Lawn Look AwesomeHas your yard looked better?

It could be that you have a newly built property and haven’t gotten to your yard yet, or you recently got done with a big exterior renovation job that got your yard messed up.

It is possible the preceding owner of your home didn’t think much about his lawn and neglected it for too long.

His lack of maintenance has left you with a ugly lawn.

No matter what sort of situation you face, and no matter what shape your yard is in at the moment, it is simple to get new grass sod installed at your place.

And it will make your lawn look great.

You Can Be One of Those Guys That Has a Great Lawn

A good Avondale lawn contractor, working along with a seasoned crew, can deliver a makeover at your house in almost no time.

It’s kind of surprising how fast the work can get done and what a serious impact it makes on the appearance of your home.

The Project is Easy if You Have Someone Else Do It

Once your new grass is in, you just need to remember to keep it watered.

And, in this part of Arizona, keeping your lawn damp is usually a problem.

Mother Nature generally will not help with this, but you will most likely still need to do some watering in the first two or three weeks.

During one of our typical dry Summers, you may have to head outdoors and water a few times each day until your grass is established.

Could I Do Some of the Work Myself?

You can do the installation yourself if you want to.

They are able to offer green, established sod for sale which they bring directly to your driveway.

They bring over your new grass which will be neatly stacked and you take over from there.

If you are planning on undertaking the installing yourself, they will assist you by letting you know when they will be dropping your order off, because it’s necessary you get started on it soon after they deliver it.

Grass from sod farms is perishable, don’t just let it sit in your driveway for days.

What About the Cost – The Price of Sod in Avondale AZ

A nice yard will add to your home’s curb appeal and increase your home’s real estate potential too.

That’s why real estate experts and property flippers automatically order new grass for any property that needs it.

Transforming a residential backyard by putting down these awesome rolls of green turfWeed-free, Maricopa grown grass sod rolls are not very cheap, but they are not too expensive either.

For your money, you get the big benefit of getting a great lawn.

When it comes to your cost, the main factor in the cost of lawn turf delivery is how many square feet of new grass you’re going to order.

A secondary price aspect in your sod installation cost might be the location of your property.

If you live way out in the sticks, a small transportation cost to get to you might come into play.

If you’re able to figure out the amount of area you need to cover up, a sod farm west of Phoenix will be prepared to provide you an idea on the phone.

Some yards are simpler to measure than others are.

If your yard features a number of odd-shaped portions, it will be hard to measure properly.

Just do the best you can. After you have an approximate square footage estimation, they will give you a quote based on how much grass you’ll need and on who will be actually doing the work to install it.

Working with property owners in all the nearby neighborhoods, including West Van Buren Street, La Joya High School, ISM Raceway, City Hall area, Aqua Fria River, Friendship Park, Tolleson and both sides of I-10.

So Just Do These Steps to Get Started:

1. Draw an easy little sketch of your property. Group the areas of your property into easy to measure segments.
2. Spend some time out in your yard getting all your rough measurements.
3. When you get a couple of minutes – make a quick call.

When you call, they’ll try to answer all your questions.

They will do their best to let you know how much the job will cost and when you can expect to get the job done.

Building an amazing front yard can really improve the curb appeal and appearance of your entire Arizona house.

And every person in your family will delight in getting a vibrant, thick grass lawn. It may even motivate your kids to enjoy more time out in the backyard.


Turf Service in Your Neighborhood

Working with property owners west of Phoenix, in areas such as West Van Buren Street, La Joya High School, ISM Raceway, City Hall, Aqua Fria River, Friendship Park, Tolleson and both sides of I-10.

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