Is Your Austin Lawn Looking a Bit Rough?

This guy installs great lawnsLet’s be truthful for a second, what’s your yard look like nowadays?

If your front yard isn’t looking too good, it may not be your fault.

It could be that you have a newer house and you just haven’t found the funds to put in a grass lawn yet, or you just completed a significant home remodeling project that did some harm to your lawn.

Or it could be that you just moved to a new home where the earlier homeowner really didn’t worry much about their yard.

Whatever yard situation you are in today, it is quite simple to have completely new sod put in at your Travis County house.

It will be local, thick, mature and weed-free.

Once it’s put down it will connect to your own soil and begin growing again.

And it will make your property look nice almost over night.

Get a Great Looking Lawn Overnight

A good lawn contractor in Austin, working with a small yet experienced team, can change your home’s curb appeal in just a few days or less.

The work can sometimes get finished fast.

And the improvement in your home’s visual appeal can be impressive.

They Can Do All the Work

They usually manage the whole process, from delivery to putting it down and cleaning up when they’re done.

They’ll even do the watering that very first day.

But after that first day, the watering responsibility is on you.

Here in Travis County, Mother Nature will usually not take good care of the necessary watering, so it’s important you make sure and do it each day.

And if they bring over your turf during one of our typical dry summers, you could end up watering a few times a day.

Can I Install It Myself?

If you are ambitious and want to save some cash, you can place it down by yourself (probably with the help of a friend or two).

They deliver local sod for sale which they leave at your driveway just after it is harvested.

They drop it off. And you take it from there.

If you are planning on finishing the sodding part by yourself, your goal should be to get to it as soon as your turf is delivered.

Most people don’t know it, but grass cut from a sod farm has a shelf life.

It is perishable. You will need to get it set down on the soil and properly watered as quickly as possible.

Sod Prices in Austin – What Will Be the Cost?

A top-notch lawn will add to your house’s curb appeal, which improves your house’s future real estate value.

That’s why it is a number one trick of professional house sellers and property flippers.

Sod farm grass can come in rolls like theseMature, weed-free and hardy local turf bundles are not exactly cheap.

But when compared to most other home improvement projects, they aren’t too expensive either. An East or West Austin grass delivery service should end up being a great investment for your home.

With respect to what your cost will be, the leading component in lawn sod delivery is the number of square feet of new grass you will order.

An unlikely second factor in your installation cost could be your location. If your house is in an unusual location, the trucking cost to deliver to you might be included.

Do you best to walk around your place, measure your space and put together an estimate of how many square feet your coverage area is, you can speak with an east or west Austin sod company and learn how much you need to order and the cost for them to haul it to your residence and place it down.

Once in a while, if it works out right, they might be able to actually drive by your property and do the measuring for you.

They deliver and install all over the metro and the suburbs, including properties close to Barton Creek Greenbelt, Walter E Long Park, the Zoo Area, Airport Area, UT-Austin district, Rainey Street district,
South Congress, Downtown, San Marcos or Round Rock.

So Where Should I Start?

1. Put together a very simple sketch of your property that will help you take your measurements.

2. Spend a few minutes outside in your yard taking some rough measurements.

3. Call when you have a few minutes.

They can talk about all your options.

You will learn what the cost is going to be and when they can get the job done.

When they’re finished, you will like owning a quality front lawn. It is going to enhance how your house looks from the street.

And every person in your family will welcome getting a vibrant, thick grass lawn. It might even motivate your kids to enjoy more time out in the backyard.

It all begins with a phone call.

Turf Service Around Your Neighborhood

  • Barton Creek Greenbelt
  • Walter Long Park
  • The Zoo area
  • The Airport area
  • UT-Austin district
  • Rainey Street district
  • South Congress
  • Downtown
  • Any Austin TX suburb

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